Drakkenhall Blues

We All Need to Make a Few Sacrifices

8th of Sidegloom, CE 345, hours before dawn

Cavern Under the Warehouse, the Docks

Our heroes approach cautiously and identify the traps.

They engage with four cultists and two cult elders. Mal Keshar ritually dispells the outer summoning while the group takes a short rest.

The team forces the door and engages with the cultists the moment Mal Keshar’s ritual finishes.

The burst into the summoning chamber and see Jeskill preparing to sacrifice a sailor tied down on the altar.

Olaf calls on the Power of the Great Gold Wyrm (burns a 6 icon roll) to spend a daily spell to shield the sailor on the altar.

Too dramatically awesome to deny. – gm

The group grinds down the cultists and engages with Jeskil, taking damage. Jeskil, apopletic that he cannot complete the ritual with the sailor, sacrifices himself once he is staggered, summoning the demon, a Fargtu.

The Fargtu starts tearing up the group, already battered from fights in the square, the warehouse, and the outer ritual chamber. In the end, the group prevails. Mal Keshar evaluates the ritual materials and other gear and Bastable returns to the warehouse office for further investigation. The sailor, Anatoly Danilov, is hysterical, but grateful.

As dawn approaches, the group heads back to the Beached Whale to get some sleep.



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