Drakkenhall Blues

Gamesmaster Comments

Session Two Review

The group made very strong headway. Both criminal investigation and the bar crawl through the docks provide nearly perfect fits for Bastable and Kasam Awarth respectively. Not only did most checks go against their primary background, but both have high charisma and rolled well. Clue discovery was not an issue. Two of the five bar contacts have hostility to high elves, but Kasam sailed through these even with a -5 modifier. Could have had a nice fail forward bar fight, but Kasam was on fire.

The group formed before I saw this module, and it’s hard to imagine something that has a tighter fit – necromancy, police, investigation, and bars. Most adventures won’t be like this.

The group showed urgency in pursuit, and found Aeorto night one.

First two sessions have each involved using Mal Keshar’s Sorta Dead talent with a warehouse.

They also showed nice flair in using Icon rolls thematically. Crushing clue collection at the Square and Olaf spending one point to lead a round of singing at a bar filled with Ordo Aurum and Crusader Paladins felt thematic.

Disrupting the dark ritual and then having the head cultist sacrifice himself when they group denied him the sailor on the altar was one of the most satisfying finale’s I’ve done in some time.

I havei increased the difficulty of every fight a bit; the guidance provided makes everything too easy for my taste.



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