Drakkenhall Blues

Olaf’s Soup Kitchen’s Grand Opening

Gang wars were escalating through-out the city, but Oswald was stuck doing paperwork again so they had a couple days off. Olaf needed the downtime to launch a project he’d been working on. Overnight he had placed sign for several blocks announcing his Grand Opening of Olaf’s Soup Kitchen at the Python House. Guessing that many of the near-by residents didn’t read common, he put pictures of food and directional arrows so people could find him. At noon, the food was ready. Kassam was there to “help” but he wasn’t sure Kassam was interested in doing anything other than wasting time. It didn’t matter, Olaf flung open the doors excitedly for his Grand Opening. There weren’t any huge crowds but several people did find their way to the Python House for the attraction of free food. Well, people might be an exaggeration of the term, but most had legs and arms. A slow start was probably best for all involved.

It was a little after mid-afternoon when a human came in. His name was Hirus Feek and was better dressed and groomed than anything that had walked or slithered in prior to his arrival. He was clearly not there for the free food. Hirus was looking for Olaf in that he had a problem he was hoping Olaf could help with. An orphan named Iltamar Shown worked at the armory with Hirus. Hirus treated Iltamar like a son, but recently Iltamar had fallen in with the wrong crowd. Iltamar was attending meetings with a suspicious group called the Brotherhood of Drackenhall. Hirus hoped Olaf could talk to Iltamar and convince him to take a more righteous path. Kassam was franticly waving some sort of no signal, but how could Olaf refuse?

At early evening, Olaf closed up the kitchen and headed out with Kassam. Kassam convinced him to first stop for some additional refreshments that soup kitchen didn’t stock. It was only an hour or so into their short stop that a message was delivered to Olaf. It was an immediate invitation for dinner O’nagens. Olaf studied the wording of the invite. That restaurant was well out of their price range, but the invite clearly implied that they didn’t need to pay for their dinner. They raced out to be certain they didn’t miss such an opportunity.

Kassam and Olaf had dinner with their host Lyra Greenbow, a ranking member of the local Gold Wyrm order. She was intent on discussing with them some uninteresting stories of beasts being mutated by chaos residue in the sewers. Olaf didn’t mind much since the food was fantastic. He could tell even Kassam was impressed with the quality of drinks. As Lyra was speaking she pulled up an extra-large bowl of mashed potatoes. The aroma hit Olaf of the potatoes clearly having been freshly baked and lightly seasoned. Lyra held of the bowl in Olaf’s direction as she continue on about something. Trying his best to contain his drool, Olaf blurted out “Oh, yes definitely!” as he grabbed the bowl of potatoes. He started with his first big scoop when caught the last of Lyra was saying. “Then it is agreed. I’ll expect to have samples and creature descriptions within 3 days.” Olaf was about to go for his second scoop when he heard Kassam glass crash to the floor. Olaf glanced up to catch Kassam face getting redder with rage and heard the very subtle sound of an energy bolt forming under the table pointed in Olaf’s direction. Olaf had done something wrong again and was putting the pieces together fast. He had just accidently agreed to do something. It was something in the sewers, horribly dangerous, and .. and? One more look at Kassam confirmed the final part. Yes, he had just agreed to all of this free of charge.

After several more drinks Kassam once again forgave Olaf. They decided talking Iltamar out of doing something stupid was far more pleasant than going to the sewers, so they sought out Iltamar at a local dive bar. Olaf wondered how to talk Iltamar into doing the right thing. Thinking back to his own childhood, his parents never really talked him out of anything. They always showed him through the examples they set. Maybe Olaf could do the same for Iltamar. So instead of talking Iltamar out of this Brotherhood group, Olaf agreed to go with him. He would show Iltamar who these Brotherhood people really were and break up the cult all at the same time.

They met at the Rat’s Nest at midnight. Iltamar had no problem getting Kassam and Olaf in. Everyone wore cloaks, so blending in wasn’t a problem either. It wasn’t until the local cult leader, Dilar, arrived that things went off plan. Dilar picked out some wood elf who wasn’t supposed to be there. When Dilar went to kill the wood elf, Olaf had to step in. He climbed up on the table, caught his breath, held up his badge and then yelled out “We are the police and you are all under arrest.” Everyone fled except Dilar and 2 of his henchmen. Olaf and Kassam captured them easily. The wood elf, Zeratul, said he could interrogate them and find out the true leaders of the cult. He started to talk to them in some sort of demonic voice, but then struggled as he tried to get hold of himself. As he struggled he blurted out they should leave, so Dilar and his henchmen fled. Not exactly the interrogation Olaf was hoping for. On the bright side, Iltamar was very impressed with Olaf and agreed not to follow any cults anymore. Zeratul, thankful for Olaf and Kassam saving his life, agreed to stay and help them.

Well it couldn’t be avoided forever, the 3 of them went to the sewers. It was horrible, terrifying, and the 3 of them barely escaped with their lives. They got some samples of the numerous chaos beasts so they could call the job done.

The next day Hirus Feek was back at the Python House. He was in distress since Iltamar had been kidnapped during the night. He had bought some divination to locate Iltamar, but needed some heroes to save him. Olaf began to say they would help, when Kassam slammed an energy bolt infused heel into Olaf’s foot. While Olaf reeled in pain, Kassam negotiated their terms. By the time Olaf recovered, Hirus had agreed to provide them with an Epic set of plate mail worth more money than the group had ever seen.

The divination was correct and the located Iltamar at a storehouse behind an abandoned school. The Brotherhood wasn’t there though, it was some sort of field lab were chaos “enhancements” were being made to people. They fought a couple of enhanced people, but the head scientist (Kineny Looth – Surgeon in the Shadows) escaped using a teleport spell. Fortunately, they rescued Iltamar before any chaos magic was done to him.

Olaf went to Hirus Feek’s shop to collect the Epic plate mail. Hirus was almost done with it, but Olaf saw the shiniest set of plate mail he’d ever seen sitting in the display window. He begged Hirus to let him have the shiny plate mail instead of the Epic set. Hirus agreed and gave him his new shiny plate mail. Olaf glowed all the way home.



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