Drakkenhall Blues

Olaf's Journal, part seven

beware of little girls

The group headed out to get some protection from cold ritual and was intercepted by the Crimson Coil gang. They are a Chaos worshipping group lead by Mr. Grumpy-pants who calls himself Watad. Olaf did his best to cheer him up, but had no positive effect at all. Mr. Grumpy-pants wanted us to get him the Chaos weapons in the cellar or he promised he’d kill us all.

Olaf had no intention of handing over evil weapons to Mr. Grumpy-pants so he went to local chapter of the Great Gold Wyrm. Previously, he hadn’t been showing his face at any Great Gold Wyrm functions, but it was time to start making some changes. He explained this situation with Mr. Grumpy-pants to the Gold Wyrm members and they promised they’d help.

Kassam was nowhere to be found (off drinking?) but the rest of the team cast the protection from cold ritual and swam through the underground water to the locked door. There was an Elvish riddle on the door, but Olaf couldn’t figure out the riddle so he just busted open the lock. Inside the room was a 6 headed mechanical Chaos Hydra. Mal and Olaf did their best to fight the Hydra while Oswald supervised. You know, there are some days Olaf wished Oswald would participate in the fights but I guess that isn’t what being a boss is all about. Anyway, the Hydra ripped the party to shreds. Fortunately, Olaf’s mighty power of the Great Gold Wyrm healed the group saving their lives. All the team found was some weapons that were imbued with Chaos magic. Olaf guessed that those were the Chaos weapons.

A Chaos cult member showed up to collect the weapons but we refused to give it to him. Then the Great Gold Wrym knights showed up and took us and the weapons to safety. My Grumpy-pants plans were foiled!

With rest and some down time, Oswald started to work out their next mission. Roric Gagarin had died (murdered?) and the local gang members were starting to engage in open war. Mal went to the mortician’s house to find out if Roric had been murdered. There was no evidence of murder but Mal seems to be a lot happier when he returned. Olaf wasn’t sure what Mal’s thing was for dead bodies. Despite no foul play, Oswald offered the group’s services to end the gang wars. No word back on that.

The group signed up to retrieve the coffin and dead daughter of a prominent Shivvel merchant named Linch Cran. Olaf didn’t like anyone who promoted Shivvel, but at least the mission seemed honest and kind-hearted. The team swam down to the wreckage of the ship where the coffin and dead daughter were supposed to be. There were some Sahuagin looting the ship. Olaf tried to parley with them but wasn’t even sure they spoke common since they just immediately attacked. The team subdued one of them and let the other swim away.

The group followed the trail of wreckage to an underground cave. When they came up out of the water, 4 thugs and 2 guards immediately attacked the party. How rude. The thugs and the guards had to be subdued. On the bright side, there were some slaves there that were happy to meet Olaf. The coffin was there too, but the dead girl had escaped it. Olaf didn’t realize it, but that was just the first bad sign.

The team followed the trail of the dead girl through the caves. When they found her, she was sad and confused. Oswald suggested bringing her to her father would help her. Olaf wanted to point out that she was dead and that seemed like a significant point Oswald was missing. Oswald just reassured Olaf that bringing her to her father would help her. Olaf was always impressed at the kindness in Oswald’s heart. So the party walked her over to Linch Cran’s office. That’s when everything went wildly wrong. Linch was horrified his daughter was undead (understandable, not sure why Oswald didn’t see that coming). The daughter sprouted claws and fangs and then went to rip her father to bits. Not even Olaf saw that coming. Olaf jumped in-between to try to stop the fighting, but Linch’s barbarian bodyguard/girlfriend jumped in front of Olaf to join in the fight. Olaf screamed that everyone needed to get along and offered hugs for everyone, but it didn’t seem to help. Linch freaked out and blasted the group with poison spray that was stronger than anything Olaf has seen before. Mal freaked out and started summoning even more undead. Things got worse from there. The little girl killed her father and the bodyguard. Oswald went to reassure her but did so by telling her that her life was useless now and she would have been better off being destroyed. Not saying Oswald was wrong on that point, but could you think of a worse time to bring it up? She freaked out and tried to kill Oswald so Mal destroyed her (Oswald doesn’t do his own fighting). So in the end, everyone was dead but us. It was so sad Olaf could do nothing but cry.



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