Drakkenhall Blues

Quests and Loot #2

Session Two Recap Admin

Eldolan reputation

  • Dispatched the zombie menace in the square
  • Masterfully organized care afterwards, calming the populace.
  • Therilsa Stormhand lives. (Penalty avoided.)
  • Crushed the diabolical cult in Eldolan.
  • Rescued the sailor, Anatoly Danilov.

Oswald Bastable has a quest to stop the Dream Master’s shivvel operation, offered obliquely by Rodolfo Roundbottom.

Kasam Awarth has a deed to the Pythoness House in Drakkenhall. It might be worth something.

Olaf Mountain is aware that Eldolan has a large concentration of Ordo Aurum knights and retainers and Templar soldiers; typically an explosive mix.

Mal Keshar is seeing some real world necromancy being practiced. He also finds some works on the Dark Arts in the demon worshippers’ basement. These may prove useful at the Blue Celestial Institute.

The group recovers a little money from the demon worshippers.


  • Rune (+1)
  • Holy Relic (+1)



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