Kasam Awarth


In the stories of old there are always the Heroes who are lifted up from their poor circumstances to find that they are noble and vastly wealthy. They then go on to have any adventures and with the help of their humble upbringing and pure traits they always save the day and win the hand of the princess.

This unfortunately is not that case with one Kasam Greystoke. Born into a High Elven family of merchants whose power and wealth were increasing yearly he was lost from his mother at the age of 2 during an attack on one of his families caravans which they were traveling with. The child was found by a rather unremarkable, very average and very poor family. They were not cruel and they were not loving, they were a hard working family of fishermen. They were also, unfortunately Humans.

Kasam was discovered and reunited with his High Elven family soon after his 23rd birthday. A long time after the heroes of stories would be found, long after Kasam had come to terms with his poor life as a fisherman and far far to long after he had discovered the Alcohol and Gambling.

Despite years of living with his new (wealthy) family Kasam found himself unable to truly adapt to the new high end society. His dress would identify him as an important member of Elven society but his mind would not allow him to let go of viewing himself as a poor, hardworking (hard drinking) human!? This has led to many problems for the young and mildly confused Elf, causing much embarrassment for his family since he tends to swear like a sailor during “polite conversation”.

Kasam gradually found himself trapped by this new culture and wishing more to return to his simple Human origins. To deal with his confusion Kasam started traveling to Human lands and, sadly, reintroduced himself to the Tavern and the Dice games. He would use his family’s merchant connections to withdraw money from local banks until his father would locate him and put a stop to it and Kasam would simply move to another city where the banks were unaware of him. He started referring to himself as Kasam Awarth changing his last name to one that means Abandoned.

Kasam was forced to a new destination, the city of Drakenhall, where the moneylenders were blissfully unaware of his fathers rage but all to welcoming of his fathers money. Kasam has become much better at hiding himself from easy detection by his family but not much better at rolling dice (his is notoriously TERRIBLE at rolling dice). He is just charismatic enough and just rich enough to avoid major trouble with the various corrupt groups he drinks and gambles with but he is certainly capable enough to run headfirst into little and medium trouble.

I see Kasam starting this story in jail for some minor drunken….thing……stop asking his head hurts!!

Kasam Awarth

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