Olaf Mountain


Olaf is the only son of Edward and Olivia Mountain, head of Order of The Great Gold Wyrm. Sadly though he has spent very little time with his parents. They were always off on one mission or another trying to save the world, while Olaf remained home and was constantly reminded that someday it would be up to him to head the Order and save the world. That did little to reassure Olaf. Still, Olaf was well cared for and not lacking in any needs. He had the best of tutors and education in book studies, clerical training and physical challenges. Olaf had enough talent for his pre-determined role, but he lacked interest and ambition. In his mid-teens, he decided to simply leave home. Being a stranger to his own parents, there was no note or good-byes, he just got up left.

Why Drakkenhall? Well I can’t say that Olaf thought it out. It is far enough away from home that he wouldn’t likely run into any Great Gold Wyrm followers that would recognize him and try to “save” him. As for making it on his own, Olaf hasn’t been all that successful. While both strong and smart, he is lazy by nature and his being overly friendly gets him into trouble more often than not.

I see him now as maybe 20/21 and capable of many tasks but still too unfocused to make a career.

Olaf Mountain

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