Oswald Bastable


So after a little thought, I am going to go with a Paladin/Commander by the name of Bastable. Oswald Bastable. He is a Copper. An ex-beat cop, to be precise. And damn proud of it.

So Oswald’s Backgrounds are as a Street Rat turned City Guard. Reading over the Drakenhall info, pretty much the whole City Guard is on the take. Well, not Bastable. He is trying “to make a difference” in an otherwise horrible place (but playing it fairly smart). He knows he is in over his head in many ways, but looks to collect like-minded people around him in order to help others who are in need of help.

Perhaps he is right now just a guard walking the beat. Perhaps he is already a Captain or Commander in charge of station of “Good guys” (David, this is up to you. The story line that I would want to go for is Bastable “cleaning up the place” by raising in ranks and organizing a better City Guard.

One of Bastable’s main personality quirks is that he hates the royalty and those in power, for the way they trample over the lives of the common man.

Positive 1 – Great Gold Wyrm. Pretty much has to keep this on the “down-low” in Drakenhall, but Oswald is at heart a kind man.
Conflicted 1 – Prince of Shadows. From a childhood of petty thievery. Also, sometimes in Drakkenhall it is just plain tough to tell the Good guys from the Bad.
Conflicted 1 – The Three. While Oswald technically works for the Blue, he hates how Drakhenhall is run.


As a young orphan, Oswald lived on the broken streets of Drakkenhall, fending for himself. Soon enough, other kids learned it was good to be around him (good Str, Wis, Cha).
I have a potential story line that, as a young teen, Oswald and another teen (who was high Int and Dex) were co-leaders of a gang. Somehow that ended. Perhaps the other teen was evil, did something horrible, and Oswald ratted him out (potential NPC hook here).

Anyway that event was the end of the street gang days.

Somehow, after some unknown background event at this time (taking suggestions), Oswald gets sighed up into the corrupt City Guard, where once again his talents start moving him up in the ranks. David can determine at what level he is right now, but I envision him as an inspector moving upwards.

Personality: Bastable is somewhat reserved and very observing. Overall he has a good heart, loves the “common man” and hates pompous authority. He certainly enjoys the company of close friends. Curiously, when out and about at taverns, he will always order beer or wine, but simply sets the drink down in front of him, but does not actually drink it. Perhaps he had a past drinking problem, perhaps not. But right now it has everything to do with the fact of the vast corruption within the city of Drakkenhall, and Bastable’s resistance to temptation.

Oswald Bastable

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