Sergeant Remy

Sweethall Seargeant of Constabulary


Bastable’s immediate superior, Corporal Assat, is a real vindictive prick who hates Bastable. He is younger than Bastable and fully embraces the corruption that he is involved in. He actively sends Bastable on dangerous beats, inwardly hoping Bastable gets hurt or killed. If the weather is cold, wet and nasty, Bastable gets to be the one who goes outside. The fact that Bastable never complains about these assignments (may even relish them) makes this guy despise Bastable even more.

This situation would be worse if it were not for the fact that that guy’s superior, Sergeant Remy, (who is high up enough that perhaps all he has is a desk job) is an ex-friend of Bastable’s. They were cadets and drinking buddies together. But while this guy is not really evil at heart, he early on allowed himself to be corrupted by the system, and therefore rose in the ranks while Bastable languished behind. Bastable and this guy no longer socialize. This guy still likes Bastable and shows Bastable a level of compassion, but also largely views Bastable as being a stubborn pain in the ass who does not understand “how things really work around here” and pities Bastable.


Sergeant Remy

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