Drakkenhall Blues

Olaf's Journal, part ten
Rewards from the Great Gold Wyrm

They had cleared the base of the weather tower from Kobolds and Olaf dreaded what came next. Every tower had stairs and this team seems to want to climb every stair in existence. Olaf suggested that everything important was surely on the ground floor, but no one listened to him again. Up they went. They climbed numerous stairs to reach a second floor. There was nothing there but a garbage pile and more stairs. Olaf suggested they slowly pick through the smelly garbage for a few hours so he could catch his breath. There would probably be some vicious rats in the garbage they could fight or something. But no, the team wanted to climb more stairs. Then Olaf had a better idea. Why not send Zeratul up the stairs by himself. That way if there was nothing up there, maybe they did not need to do so much climbing. Zeratul was eager, so up he went. Zeratul took out a couple of Kobolds and signaled the group to come up. Looks like there was no way Olaf was getting out of it.

Finally, they had found what they were looking for. The 3rd floor had a delicious, juicy pig roasting on a spit and a keg a beer. Olaf pulled up a chair and started pulling out plates, cups, and utensils from his pack. Oswald tapped him on the shoulder and then pointed to another staircase up. He had to be joking. Was he completely oblivious to the fact it was time for second lunch? This group was insane. With an entire feast in front of them, this group wanted to climb more stairs?!? Olaf couldn’t get his head around what motivated these people but there was no talking sense into them.

Even before they reached the top of the tower, Olaf skin began to crawl. He could feel the dark energies surging. The roof of the tower had a table with a gnome chained to it, an Ogre Mage, and the dark ritual he was casting. Olaf recognized the ritual as a Diabolist portal opening to the Abyss. The horde of demons that were about to spew forth would destroy them and everything around them. There was only one power that could stop such a ritual. Father had always told Olaf to accept who he was and his path in life and he would be rewarded. It was time to stop pretending to be a Cleric and become the person he knew he was. The rest of the team had engaged in fighting with the Ogre Mage, so Olaf calmed his thoughts and focused his energies. Then is a low but confident voice, he uttered the words.
“I Olaf your Champion, summon you oh Great Gold Wyrm!”

And nothing happened. Olaf looked left and right and there was no sign of the Great Gold Wyrm coming to his summons. Why not? Olaf’s mind drifted back to his classes. There was one about accepting your role, and about talking to the Great Gold Wyrm. There was something he vaguely recalled about something, something, something, speaking with humility, something. Olaf wished he had paid more attention back then. His mind snapped back to the more immediate issue that they were all about to die. He pushed the table and gnome out of the ritual circle. The bound gnome seemed to like this plan be even as he was doing it Olaf realized it was pointless. The sacrifice was just to appease the demons so they wouldn’t devour the Ogre Mage. It had nothing to do with ritual itself. There was only one power that could stop the ritual. It was all up to Olaf whether he was ready or not. Olaf focused his energies once again and uttered the words.

There was still no response, but Olaf felt something small happen. Then he saw it. A little spark of white light popped from the edge of the ritual circle. Then there was another and another. Olaf joined into the battle to defeat the Ogre Mage and then evacuated the roof of the tower including the gnome. The entire roof was engulfed in white sparks, like thousands little firecrackers going off. Olaf could feel that they were absorbing all the dark energy from the ritual.

The team regrouped and the gnome introduced himself as Zeno. He was a Chaos Mage and OWNED A BAR IN DRAKKENHALL!!!!! Oh, Olaf’s Father was right. There are great reward for accepting one’s path. Praise the Great Gold Wyrm.
The white sparks absorbed the dark ritual, but they also absorbed something else. On the 1st floor, there had been a concealment spell cover an underground complex. The complex was an ancient Lich King temple. The team clear out all the Lich King’s presence, but the temple destroyed itself and the tower with it.

Latest News

The Red and the Black – Gang War update
After suffering some initial casualties from the more martial Red Sashes, the Lampblacks successfully robbed the Red Sash vault. Things look bad for the Red Sashes as they scour Sweethall for Lampblacks.

Drakkenhall is abuzz with preparations for the carnival.


Characters level three (3) with two (2) partial level advances.

Magic items reset
I’ve been very casual about items for the first tier. Take whatever three items you want (let me know) and 1 potion of healing each. Let me know your choices. I plan to be stricter about this after L4.

The necrotic halberd from the Oni Magus Necromancer is above and beyond that. The halberd, Thirst is a bloodthirsty weapon. Ordo Aurum is investigating how to remove the necromantic features to make it usable.

Zeratul Backround
Explanation for origin story

As a member of the party I think that it would be best to get a more defined background for Zeratul. So here is his origin story of sorts

Zeratul was born as a slum rat but at a very early age was adopted by an elven noble household with a catch. If a draft ever came and they needed to send a child. They would send Zeratul. As a result Zeratul was a neglected child trained to fight from birth. He trained with a harsh elven master who had fought in a few wars and definitely had seen more than some bloodshed in his life. Zeratul as a result did not spend any time studying in a library or talking to people. (hence Int/Cha: 8) He spent a lot of his training resisting poison and tracking. His physical attributes were punished to make him stronger. When the draft did come Zeratul left without a word. He was joined with an anti demon strike team full of Ordo Orum and other holy types. His strike team was ordered to attack a small defense tower held by evil forces. The strike team expected a lvl 2ish encounters but the boss demon was there. The boss demon possesses Zeratul because his MD is garbage and uses his body as a vessel to wipe the entire group. However, Zeratul managed to keep the demon contained in his body after it murdered his whole group. When that happened the Demon was permanently fused with Zeratul. The demon specifically was Balanar also known as the Night Stalker. He dramatically increased Zeratul’s abilities. Zeratul also know had a demon in his head at all times to bounce ideas off of. Now if Zeratul dies so does Balanar. Zeratul and Balanar wish to ascend to a greater form together and make the most out of their newly found partnership. Zeratul decided to go to Drakkenhall seeing as the Ordo Orum has the least influence there. He began to work as a vigilante and to make the most out of his powers. He was also very ferocious and earned the attention of a vigilante group known as the Black Roses. He joined up with them which made one of his NPC contacts (Leader of the Black roses stealth type with knowledge of Drakken Hall underworld) He also made contact with Mal Keshar (my old guy) as an expert in dark magic. Mal Keshar helps him develop the demonic sides of his powers. His final NPC contact is his old Instructor who arrived in Drakken Hall after leaving Zeratul’s old family. His master now runs a small martial arts school on the docks. The school also works as a port security contract for merchants.

News and Rumors
For March 19, 2017 session

• Melisan the Scourge, the Imperial Ambassador, will hold her annual costume ball in 3 weeks.
• Adventuring – An adventuring team raided the Isle of the Dead and escaped with a phylactery.
• Adventuring – Jont Umer disappeared into the under city with a magic map. Reward for the map or information on his whereabouts.
• Necropolis – A merchant is selling “special” wine to the Necropolis. Apparently, this new wine is well received.
• Ruins – Rumors of some heavy fighting as a new player is taking over some turf. The unusual thing is the crews seem to be impervious to pain and unusually violent.
• Wilderness – Orc heavy reconnaissance in the north suggests a pending raid.
• Highrock Nobility – The Lobanov and Naryshkin houses staged a lavish wedding, the event of the season.
• Warehouses on Frog Swamp isle burned to the ground. Foul play is suspected, but who did it is unclear. Construction workers needed for rebuilding the facility.
• Glinting Legion – 2nd legion rotating north imminently.
• The Ministry of Natural Affairs – word is that things are going pear shaped with the routine weather control spells. The Ministry denies these baseless allegations.

Rubble City (other than Sweethall)
• Ordo Aurum commander Riclon is discreetly paying for information on interesting dig sites in the Ruins.
• Shivvel trade is growing explosively.
Blue Celestial Institute
• Professor Mal Keshar returns to a full-time instruction.
• Falling Leaf Dojo will host their annual tournament.
• Roric Gagarin died recently. He was an influential local businessman.
• Roric Gagarin’s untimely death was no accident. His daughter, Lyssa, killed him.
• Lyssa Gagarin is a victim, in way over her head.
• Tensions between the Red Sashes and the Lampblacks have erupted into a gang war.
o The Red Sashes and Lampblacks fight is getting bloodier.
o The Crows control of the district is loosening, and heat is rising.
o The Bluecoats have struggled to keep order.

Session briefing, March 19th, 2017

Last Session
The group successfully accomplished Galina Myre’s request to deal with Tarius Rolle. Uncovering that Tarius was a demon and bringing him to Ordo Aurum was a win.

The group is now investigating a tower outside of town, which has fallen into disrepair, again at Galina’s request. The group encountered an Ogre Mage. After a fight, the ogre mage teleported away as it reached 0 health.

1. Last night, you had an unusually vivid dream about being buried alive. Somehow you feel you are listening in to another’s dream.
2. [Back at town] Soup Kitchen (when back in town). Bungo Chubb, a halfling cook, will cook for the soup kitchen for a place to stay.

1. The Red Sashes conflagration with the Lamplighters is getting worse. Red Sashes are out in force and have taken to roughing up establishments thought to be sympathetic to the Lamplighters.

1. Paperwork for your holding at the Pythoness House now is moving through bureaucratic channels normally, thanks to Galina Myre’s sponsorship.
2. [Back at town]. You have an invitation to a party at the town manor of Baroness Zinaida Volonskaya, a minor Hightower family. You’re not sure why.

1. Falling Leaf dojo will have their annual tournament next week. You are invited to participate in the novice division.
2. You think you are being followed in town. You haven’t noticed anyone in particular; maybe it’s just paranoia.

Xeno Strange
1. You wake up on an altar inside a magic circle. You are chained to table and can’t invoke spells. Have a nice day.
2. Pick two magic items to recover after you are freed. Adventurer tier.
3. Homework. Create three contacts you have in town. Figure out where you live.

Zeratul journal, entry one
Session 2017-01-29

Well, the day was young. My morning began as it usually did. I was up at 6:00 am to begin my training routine and stretching. I noticed my comrades seemed to lack the same drive to awaken early that I did. After making a breakfast for myself I saw the Sorcerer and the Cop walk down rather slowly. The oaf, I mean Olaf stumbled out still thoroughly tired after 10 hours of sleep. Their souls seemed ready for the day. Bastable informed us of the plan to visit this Politician. Upon our arrival in the square, I took to a position in the rooftops. I saw all the souls of the people in the square. Upon his arrival at the square the day exploded into action. I leapt into action and was delayed by a damned mage and her thugs.

Balanar(name of demon within Zeratul) was awakened when I returned to consciousness. “Hunt the weak, If you get knocked out like a fool again you won’t sleep tonight” I was off. These damned orcs wouldn’t best me. I ran the rooftops like they were a simple wooded path. I saw Bastable sprinting after him on foot. After a while of chasing the bastard down, I saw Bastable had been delayed by some group of Orcs. I snuck past them on the rooftops and continued towards my quarry. I found his ultimate hiding place in a sewer. The perfect place for scum to die. We met up after a bit of clean up from the rest of the group and moved into the sewers. We arrived in chamber occupied by dirty rats. Then the slime showed up. It was more repulsive than Olaf’s eating habits. The damned slime grabbed me and brought me into its clutches, but I was skilled enough to escape. Upon us running from the slime Olaf and I managed to subdue using magic and shurikens. We then arrived at the room where that damned Politician was. We rushed inside, and saw him there tied to a chair. The guards holding him there moved to fight us and we engaged but that damned Politician ran away. Knowing my comrades could handle themselves I heard Balanar speak to me “Chase him, His sun is about set” In a fury at this slimeball I ran after him furious at his false capture. I chased the bastard down in less than 20 seconds and destroyed him in combat. The fool may be able to speak, but he fights like a rabbit facing a bear. We returned to our home and called Kassam’s friend. She spoke briefly to Bastable before I was told to kill the Honey Devil. Damned disgusting cowards. We then rested for the rest of the day. The next day Bastable was given an assignment to investigate this tower out of town. I thought it could be interesting and we headed off. Upon entering the tower, we saw some kobolds spread around the area. I leaped into battle ready to destroy them “These small ones might provide some entertainment” . I was ready to smite them with my furious fists. My strikes seemed to do some damage before out of the shadows more kobolds appeared. They had an ability to disappear from our sight which could be inconvenient. Though the one I was most worried about was the lead kobold. He and his claws seemed very deadly. After some minor difficulties with them Bastable came down with a mighty stroke turning the kobold into a bloody mist of flesh and bone. “I like that one, He’s useful”.

Olaf's Journal, part nine
Save Olaf’s Soup Kitchen

Oswald was back but acting a little strange. Olaf was half expecting Oswald to come back with orders that they need to walk some ridiculous distance to the middle of nowhere for some stupid bureaucratic errand. Instead, Oswald did not have anything for the team to do. Olaf was happy to continue work on his soup kitchen. The place was gaining some reputation in the area and they had a steady crowd through-out the afternoon. The sad side though was the team was talking as if they were going to lose the Python House. That would mean an end to the soup kitchen.

Kassam had a plan. He said they could keep the Python House if the team ran an errand for the magistrate, Gilina Myer. All they had to do was bring Tarius Rolle, a political activist, to meet with Gilina Myer. They would of course have to find Tarius who didn’t have a known address. The team went to the section of town that Tarius made speeches in and Oswald, Kassam, and Zeratul went to talk to their street contacts. Olaf didn’t have any street contacts but wanted to help find Tarius. He took out a picture they had been given of Tarius. Given Tarius’ stature, it was clear he liked to eat. If someone wanted good portions, decent quality, at reasonable prices in this section of town, there was only one place to go to – Stuff Your Fangs. Olaf headed there immediately to find Tarius, and because it was 2nd lunchtime. Now Tarius wasn’t there but certainly had been there often. Lots of people there knew Tarius and knew he would be in the Fish Market Square later that afternoon for a speech. Olaf headed back to tell the rest of the team, after 2nd lunch of course. Ya know, this police detective stuff wasn’t that hard after all.

The team was waiting in the Fish Market Square for Tarius’ arrival except for Zeratul who was nowhere to be seen. When Tarius did arrive, two thugs jumped out and grabbed him. Other thugs jumped out attacked the crowd throwing Giant Spiders at bystanders. Olaf recognized the spiders as a bread indigenous to Bitterwood. Bitterwood Leapers was their name if recalled correctly and he recalled them being extremely dangerous. Olaf and Kassam started taking down the thugs to clear a path to Tarius. Then it happened. Olaf saw something he’d never seen before. Oswald pulled out a sword and hit one of the thugs. Oswald wasn’t standing behind them giving orders or wildly swinging his sword in the air, but he was actually using his sword to fight. This seemed highly suspicious to Olaf. Perhaps he wasn’t really Oswald. Maybe he was a demon who could disguise himself as a human for an extended duration. No, such demons probably didn’t exist.

Olaf suddenly had bigger problems than whether Oswald was a demon impostor. One of the Bitterwood Leapers bit a young redheaded girl. Memories of Olaf’s ‘Venoms, Poisons, and Other Lethal Substances’ class flashed to his mind. Bitterwood Leapers venom was normally lethal in 72 seconds. There was a boring part of the lecture on all the possible intermediate effects before death that Olaf was trying to fast forward through in his head. He remembered the teacher saying in the end the best possible cure consisted of sucking out the venom from the entry point and then applying a full dose of anti-venom. Olaf bashed one of the thugs out of the way and then went to work to save the redheaded girl. He was well within the 72 seconds and was confident it was working. Even after the 72 seconds, her vitals were still strong. The rest of the team seem to have run off without him. Perhaps they went to their favorite bar. It seemed like a good place to check.

Olaf had enough time for dinner, but sure enough, the rest of the team did show up. They had tracked Tarius’ kidnappers to a sewer entrance. Ugh, more sewers. And of course, there were more nasty creatures in the sewers. Not only were there Dire Rats, but there was a monstrous Gelatinous Tetrahedron. The rest of the team fled leaving Olaf to deal with monster. It took about 20 javelins, but Olaf was able to kill it.

Within the sewers, they found a chamber where the kidnappers were keeping Tarius. The team attacked the kidnappers and were doing pretty well until Oswald changed sides and started attacking the his own team. Olaf suspected Oswald might be a demon imposter again, until he noticed Oswald still couldn’t hit anything with his sword. Only Oswald could swing his sword in the air so much without hurting anything. Before the fight ended, Tarius ran away. Zeratul ran him down and brought him back. It turns out Tarius had been a HoneyDew Demon impostor the whole time. Hey, they do exist.

The deal to keep the Python house was for Gilina to meet with Tarius. So, demon or not, the team setup the meeting with Gilina at the Python house. Once Gilina was convinced the demon was Tarius, we all agreed to destroy the demon. Gilina believed the whole kidnapping was faked just to promote Tarius’ position. Regardless, the job was completed and the deal upheld.

The next day Oswald had new orders for the team. They needed to walk some ridiculous distance to the middle of nowhere for a bureaucratic errand. Olaf was glad to see Oswald was back to normal.

Olaf’s Soup Kitchen’s Grand Opening

Gang wars were escalating through-out the city, but Oswald was stuck doing paperwork again so they had a couple days off. Olaf needed the downtime to launch a project he’d been working on. Overnight he had placed sign for several blocks announcing his Grand Opening of Olaf’s Soup Kitchen at the Python House. Guessing that many of the near-by residents didn’t read common, he put pictures of food and directional arrows so people could find him. At noon, the food was ready. Kassam was there to “help” but he wasn’t sure Kassam was interested in doing anything other than wasting time. It didn’t matter, Olaf flung open the doors excitedly for his Grand Opening. There weren’t any huge crowds but several people did find their way to the Python House for the attraction of free food. Well, people might be an exaggeration of the term, but most had legs and arms. A slow start was probably best for all involved.

It was a little after mid-afternoon when a human came in. His name was Hirus Feek and was better dressed and groomed than anything that had walked or slithered in prior to his arrival. He was clearly not there for the free food. Hirus was looking for Olaf in that he had a problem he was hoping Olaf could help with. An orphan named Iltamar Shown worked at the armory with Hirus. Hirus treated Iltamar like a son, but recently Iltamar had fallen in with the wrong crowd. Iltamar was attending meetings with a suspicious group called the Brotherhood of Drackenhall. Hirus hoped Olaf could talk to Iltamar and convince him to take a more righteous path. Kassam was franticly waving some sort of no signal, but how could Olaf refuse?

At early evening, Olaf closed up the kitchen and headed out with Kassam. Kassam convinced him to first stop for some additional refreshments that soup kitchen didn’t stock. It was only an hour or so into their short stop that a message was delivered to Olaf. It was an immediate invitation for dinner O’nagens. Olaf studied the wording of the invite. That restaurant was well out of their price range, but the invite clearly implied that they didn’t need to pay for their dinner. They raced out to be certain they didn’t miss such an opportunity.

Kassam and Olaf had dinner with their host Lyra Greenbow, a ranking member of the local Gold Wyrm order. She was intent on discussing with them some uninteresting stories of beasts being mutated by chaos residue in the sewers. Olaf didn’t mind much since the food was fantastic. He could tell even Kassam was impressed with the quality of drinks. As Lyra was speaking she pulled up an extra-large bowl of mashed potatoes. The aroma hit Olaf of the potatoes clearly having been freshly baked and lightly seasoned. Lyra held of the bowl in Olaf’s direction as she continue on about something. Trying his best to contain his drool, Olaf blurted out “Oh, yes definitely!” as he grabbed the bowl of potatoes. He started with his first big scoop when caught the last of Lyra was saying. “Then it is agreed. I’ll expect to have samples and creature descriptions within 3 days.” Olaf was about to go for his second scoop when he heard Kassam glass crash to the floor. Olaf glanced up to catch Kassam face getting redder with rage and heard the very subtle sound of an energy bolt forming under the table pointed in Olaf’s direction. Olaf had done something wrong again and was putting the pieces together fast. He had just accidently agreed to do something. It was something in the sewers, horribly dangerous, and .. and? One more look at Kassam confirmed the final part. Yes, he had just agreed to all of this free of charge.

After several more drinks Kassam once again forgave Olaf. They decided talking Iltamar out of doing something stupid was far more pleasant than going to the sewers, so they sought out Iltamar at a local dive bar. Olaf wondered how to talk Iltamar into doing the right thing. Thinking back to his own childhood, his parents never really talked him out of anything. They always showed him through the examples they set. Maybe Olaf could do the same for Iltamar. So instead of talking Iltamar out of this Brotherhood group, Olaf agreed to go with him. He would show Iltamar who these Brotherhood people really were and break up the cult all at the same time.

They met at the Rat’s Nest at midnight. Iltamar had no problem getting Kassam and Olaf in. Everyone wore cloaks, so blending in wasn’t a problem either. It wasn’t until the local cult leader, Dilar, arrived that things went off plan. Dilar picked out some wood elf who wasn’t supposed to be there. When Dilar went to kill the wood elf, Olaf had to step in. He climbed up on the table, caught his breath, held up his badge and then yelled out “We are the police and you are all under arrest.” Everyone fled except Dilar and 2 of his henchmen. Olaf and Kassam captured them easily. The wood elf, Zeratul, said he could interrogate them and find out the true leaders of the cult. He started to talk to them in some sort of demonic voice, but then struggled as he tried to get hold of himself. As he struggled he blurted out they should leave, so Dilar and his henchmen fled. Not exactly the interrogation Olaf was hoping for. On the bright side, Iltamar was very impressed with Olaf and agreed not to follow any cults anymore. Zeratul, thankful for Olaf and Kassam saving his life, agreed to stay and help them.

Well it couldn’t be avoided forever, the 3 of them went to the sewers. It was horrible, terrifying, and the 3 of them barely escaped with their lives. They got some samples of the numerous chaos beasts so they could call the job done.

The next day Hirus Feek was back at the Python House. He was in distress since Iltamar had been kidnapped during the night. He had bought some divination to locate Iltamar, but needed some heroes to save him. Olaf began to say they would help, when Kassam slammed an energy bolt infused heel into Olaf’s foot. While Olaf reeled in pain, Kassam negotiated their terms. By the time Olaf recovered, Hirus had agreed to provide them with an Epic set of plate mail worth more money than the group had ever seen.

The divination was correct and the located Iltamar at a storehouse behind an abandoned school. The Brotherhood wasn’t there though, it was some sort of field lab were chaos “enhancements” were being made to people. They fought a couple of enhanced people, but the head scientist (Kineny Looth – Surgeon in the Shadows) escaped using a teleport spell. Fortunately, they rescued Iltamar before any chaos magic was done to him.

Olaf went to Hirus Feek’s shop to collect the Epic plate mail. Hirus was almost done with it, but Olaf saw the shiniest set of plate mail he’d ever seen sitting in the display window. He begged Hirus to let him have the shiny plate mail instead of the Epic set. Hirus agreed and gave him his new shiny plate mail. Olaf glowed all the way home.

Olaf's Journal, part seven
beware of little girls

The group headed out to get some protection from cold ritual and was intercepted by the Crimson Coil gang. They are a Chaos worshipping group lead by Mr. Grumpy-pants who calls himself Watad. Olaf did his best to cheer him up, but had no positive effect at all. Mr. Grumpy-pants wanted us to get him the Chaos weapons in the cellar or he promised he’d kill us all.

Olaf had no intention of handing over evil weapons to Mr. Grumpy-pants so he went to local chapter of the Great Gold Wyrm. Previously, he hadn’t been showing his face at any Great Gold Wyrm functions, but it was time to start making some changes. He explained this situation with Mr. Grumpy-pants to the Gold Wyrm members and they promised they’d help.

Kassam was nowhere to be found (off drinking?) but the rest of the team cast the protection from cold ritual and swam through the underground water to the locked door. There was an Elvish riddle on the door, but Olaf couldn’t figure out the riddle so he just busted open the lock. Inside the room was a 6 headed mechanical Chaos Hydra. Mal and Olaf did their best to fight the Hydra while Oswald supervised. You know, there are some days Olaf wished Oswald would participate in the fights but I guess that isn’t what being a boss is all about. Anyway, the Hydra ripped the party to shreds. Fortunately, Olaf’s mighty power of the Great Gold Wyrm healed the group saving their lives. All the team found was some weapons that were imbued with Chaos magic. Olaf guessed that those were the Chaos weapons.

A Chaos cult member showed up to collect the weapons but we refused to give it to him. Then the Great Gold Wrym knights showed up and took us and the weapons to safety. My Grumpy-pants plans were foiled!

With rest and some down time, Oswald started to work out their next mission. Roric Gagarin had died (murdered?) and the local gang members were starting to engage in open war. Mal went to the mortician’s house to find out if Roric had been murdered. There was no evidence of murder but Mal seems to be a lot happier when he returned. Olaf wasn’t sure what Mal’s thing was for dead bodies. Despite no foul play, Oswald offered the group’s services to end the gang wars. No word back on that.

The group signed up to retrieve the coffin and dead daughter of a prominent Shivvel merchant named Linch Cran. Olaf didn’t like anyone who promoted Shivvel, but at least the mission seemed honest and kind-hearted. The team swam down to the wreckage of the ship where the coffin and dead daughter were supposed to be. There were some Sahuagin looting the ship. Olaf tried to parley with them but wasn’t even sure they spoke common since they just immediately attacked. The team subdued one of them and let the other swim away.

The group followed the trail of wreckage to an underground cave. When they came up out of the water, 4 thugs and 2 guards immediately attacked the party. How rude. The thugs and the guards had to be subdued. On the bright side, there were some slaves there that were happy to meet Olaf. The coffin was there too, but the dead girl had escaped it. Olaf didn’t realize it, but that was just the first bad sign.

The team followed the trail of the dead girl through the caves. When they found her, she was sad and confused. Oswald suggested bringing her to her father would help her. Olaf wanted to point out that she was dead and that seemed like a significant point Oswald was missing. Oswald just reassured Olaf that bringing her to her father would help her. Olaf was always impressed at the kindness in Oswald’s heart. So the party walked her over to Linch Cran’s office. That’s when everything went wildly wrong. Linch was horrified his daughter was undead (understandable, not sure why Oswald didn’t see that coming). The daughter sprouted claws and fangs and then went to rip her father to bits. Not even Olaf saw that coming. Olaf jumped in-between to try to stop the fighting, but Linch’s barbarian bodyguard/girlfriend jumped in front of Olaf to join in the fight. Olaf screamed that everyone needed to get along and offered hugs for everyone, but it didn’t seem to help. Linch freaked out and blasted the group with poison spray that was stronger than anything Olaf has seen before. Mal freaked out and started summoning even more undead. Things got worse from there. The little girl killed her father and the bodyguard. Oswald went to reassure her but did so by telling her that her life was useless now and she would have been better off being destroyed. Not saying Oswald was wrong on that point, but could you think of a worse time to bring it up? She freaked out and tried to kill Oswald so Mal destroyed her (Oswald doesn’t do his own fighting). So in the end, everyone was dead but us. It was so sad Olaf could do nothing but cry.


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