Drakkenhall Blues

We All Need to Make a Few Sacrifices
8th of Sidegloom, CE 345, hours before dawn

Cavern Under the Warehouse, the Docks

Our heroes approach cautiously and identify the traps.

They engage with four cultists and two cult elders. Mal Keshar ritually dispells the outer summoning while the group takes a short rest.

The team forces the door and engages with the cultists the moment Mal Keshar’s ritual finishes.

The burst into the summoning chamber and see Jeskill preparing to sacrifice a sailor tied down on the altar.

Olaf calls on the Power of the Great Gold Wyrm (burns a 6 icon roll) to spend a daily spell to shield the sailor on the altar.

Too dramatically awesome to deny. – gm

The group grinds down the cultists and engages with Jeskil, taking damage. Jeskil, apopletic that he cannot complete the ritual with the sailor, sacrifices himself once he is staggered, summoning the demon, a Fargtu.

The Fargtu starts tearing up the group, already battered from fights in the square, the warehouse, and the outer ritual chamber. In the end, the group prevails. Mal Keshar evaluates the ritual materials and other gear and Bastable returns to the warehouse office for further investigation. The sailor, Anatoly Danilov, is hysterical, but grateful.

As dawn approaches, the group heads back to the Beached Whale to get some sleep.

Another Night, Another Warehouse
8th of Sidegloom, CE 345, hours before dawn

Warehouse, the Docks

Our heroes put Mal Keshar and his faithful minion in a wagon, and head to the warehouse. They follow drop protocols and manage to pull a few diabolical cultists outside. The fight with the cultists activates the Abyssal Guardian, which gets in a few good hits.

The group tidies up and heads underground.

Body Talk
8th of Sidegloom, CE 345, hours before dawn

Squirming Mermaid tavern in the Docks

The group has a talk with Aerto.

He gradually is persuaded to come clean with his body trade. He describes the transactions as “just business” and points out that he is only delivering corpses, not actually hurting anyone. Bastable is less than satisfied with this, and eventually presses Aerto to reveal his buyer and details on how the drops are done. Despite the long day, Bastable presses the group forward.

Sadly, the group later discovers that Aerto had more than one buyer. But he’s in the wind by then…

It's a Dirty Job, But...
7th of Sidegloom, CE 345, evening

Every bar in the docks Kasam can find

Kasam takes the task of finding about Aerto. Bastable can’t walk into a bar without police investigator stamped on his forehead. Kasam’s desire to drink and gamble is sincere.

Kasam diligently drinks and gambles his way through the Docks. He is very thorough. He gambles brilliantly and hardly loses any money. He also gets an incredibly valuable deed for a property in Drakkenhall called the Python House.

Olaf enthusiastically matches Kasam drink for drink and meal for meal at the following establishments:

  • The Beached Whale
  • Dwarves’ Home Alehouse
  • Lusty Dolphin
  • Sailor’s Respite
  • Squirming Mermaid
  • West Wind
  • Wild Wave Inn

By the middle of the night, they successfully obtain Aerto’s location and some background information. Aerto is a fixer, he connects people who have a need with people that supply the need. He’s been operating out of the docks for a long time and keeps a moderately low profile. The group reassembles and prepares to confront Aerto.

Give Me Your Poor
7th of Sidegloom, CE 345, evening

Mission of Lost Hope, the Commons

The group follows up with Elsa Whiterose, a witness.

She was in the square during the attack. She is not a fighter, but managed to hold a zombie at bay through her divine power, protecting a small group of folk trapped in one corner
of the square.

• During the initial attack, she was surprised to recognize two of the attacking undead as recent poor folk who had stayed at the mission: Tolvus Rhys, a middle-aged human man with a bad leg from his years fighting with the legions who had a hard time finding work; and Korack Stoneson, a dwarven drunk who often slept one off at the mission.

• She had last seen Tolvus about ten days ago at the mission. She thinks she remembers seeing Korack about a week ago on the streets. Both Tolvus and Korack lived in the Commons, and both worked (when they could) or begged near the mission.

• The poor folk in the area have been talking about folks going missing for the last month, and she had noted a few common faces at the mission were no longer around. Although the mission has a transient population, she was worried enough to report it to the Silver Shields, but they made little effort to find those missing (because Elsa couldn’t afford to make it worth their trouble). After a half day’s meager search, the Shields concluded that the missing people had left town.

• There was a rumor among the poor that a pair of (human) men had been seen carrying away one of the locals known as old Ralph, even as he yelled and cursed, four days ago from
an abandoned building, and that he wasn’t the first. Elsa says that she only heard this second-hand, and that the PCs would have to ask around among the poor folk, and especially those on the streets, to learn more.

Waiting for the Silver Shields
After the Fight

Hawker’s Square

It takes the Silver Shields some time to show up. Olaf provides healing and comfort to the crowd. Bastable quickly cordons off key parts of the crime scene, and by the time the Silver Shields arrive, has already concluded his initial investigation. Bastable’s interrogations and analysis determine:

A half-elven woman named Elsa Whiterose, a servant of the Priestess who runs a mission in the Commons, reports that she recognized two of the zombies from the square. She
claims they were poor folk who lived in the Commons and often sought food at her mission.

A tent vendor at Hawker’s Square, a halfling named Rollo the Thin, recognized one of the zombies as a friend who had died a week earlier from a horse accident (broken neck). Rollo swears the man’s body was laid to rest in the Dead Vaults (town crypts) in the Temple District. If that was true, how could it be walking around the square?

One of the square vendors, a dwarven man named Rumney, says he saw two people in wizard robes actually overturn the pumpkin cart right before the attack. They had the hoods
on their robes up, so he couldn’t see faces or tell race (other than not small). Then one of them pointed at Therilsa Stormhand and that’s when the trouble started. He does know who owned the pumpkin cart.

The stairwell that the zombies emerged from leads to a small sewer overflow chamber. The outer door to the square was unlocked and open. Inside, there’s only a pair of narrow stone
sewer grates. The Shields investigated the chamber and claim that the grates weren’t damaged and there is no way anyone could have squeezed through them, but one of the two people who kept a key to the outer door, a Silver Shield guard named Martos,
didn’t show up to work today.

Mal Keshar’s analysis the zombies’ remains reveals that each body is missing a number of different organs, and even with the damage they sustained in the fight, that those organs were surgically removed.He believes that the missing organs are likely all high quality. Olaf agrees with Mal Keshar that extraction of the organs requires advanced surgical skill.

Bastable and Kasam both hear persistent rumors that people have been going missing in Eldolan for months, more so than can be accounted for through normal murders, kidnappings, and such. Whatever is going on seems to be escalating, especially in the Commons.

Some stories have been circulating lately in the Docks that someone named Aerto is interested in buying bodies of the recently deceased and paying well for them. Perhaps there’s a connection.

Zombies and Pumpkins, Oh My!
7th of Sidegloom, CE 345, late afternoon

Hawker’s Square

By late afternoon, Mal Keshar and Owen Bastable have concluded their tasks, and Kasam and Olaf are ready to face the day. They rendezvous at Hawker’s Square to meet their contact, Therilsa Stormhand.

As they approach Therilsa, the square erupts in violence. Two zombie groups appear, one emerging from the center of the square and the other blocking on egress.

The crowded square turns into a fleeing mob, streaming past our heroes.

The team engages the zombies, and only the pumpkin hurler gets in a few good hits.

Some Simple Errands
7th of Sidegloom, CE 345


Oswald Bastable rises early, and heads over to the Silver Shields municipal building, where the locals watch him do paperwork for hours

Mal Kashar visits the Mithril Gear College and meets some of the staff. He checks out their slender Necromantic library.

Eventually, Kasam and Olaf wake up and meet Bastable and Mal Kashar at the town square late afternoon.

Lift Every Voice
6th of Sidegloom, CE 345, evening

Dwarves’ Home Alehouse, the Docks

Our heroes enter the packed Alehouse, continuing their exploration of the Docks. Sullen Dwarf miners mutter protests about wages, counterfeit coins, and human intolerance. A well dressed group of Ordo Aurum paladins and their squires have occupied one side of the bar. Across the room, a group of Crusaders are staring daggers at them.

Olaf seems oblivious to the tension in the room. Spending freely, he buys all comers a flagon of ale and then leads the bar in one stirring battle song after another, drawing from both Ordo Aurum and Crusader canon. Somehow, the tension in the room melts away and the mob spends several hours drinking and singing.

Olaf spent an icon success (GGG 5) to defuse the tension in the room. Everyone found his inept sincerity charming and the ale refreshing.

A Concerned Citizen
6th of Sidegloom, CE 345, evening

The Beached Whale, the Docks

Kasam Awarth delivers his package and pays off his most recent debt. He’s delighted that everyone stays friends and doesn’t get bogged down in unfortunate misunderstandings about pesky paperwork.

This seems like an excellent reason to celebrate, and Kasam and Olaf start working their way through the Beached Whale’s food and drink list.

Oswald Bastable strikes up a conversation with Rodolfo Roundbottom, a smooth talking Halfling. Rodolfo complements Oswald on his reputation for enforcing the law and laments the newly opened shivvel trade in town. He suggests that the Silver Shields are looking the other way, and speaking for some concerned upstanding citizens, says he will reward Bastable for bringing these reprehensible drug dealers to justice. Rodolfo says the rogue criminal goes by the Dream Master.

“Rules are rules, don’t you know.”

Bastable is crystal clear this means the Drakkenhall mafia will provide him with a magic item if he cracks down on this renegade.


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