Drakkenhall Blues

Olaf’s Soup Kitchen’s Grand Opening

Gang wars were escalating through-out the city, but Oswald was stuck doing paperwork again so they had a couple days off. Olaf needed the downtime to launch a project he’d been working on. Overnight he had placed sign for several blocks announcing his Grand Opening of Olaf’s Soup Kitchen at the Python House. Guessing that many of the near-by residents didn’t read common, he put pictures of food and directional arrows so people could find him. At noon, the food was ready. Kassam was there to “help” but he wasn’t sure Kassam was interested in doing anything other than wasting time. It didn’t matter, Olaf flung open the doors excitedly for his Grand Opening. There weren’t any huge crowds but several people did find their way to the Python House for the attraction of free food. Well, people might be an exaggeration of the term, but most had legs and arms. A slow start was probably best for all involved.

It was a little after mid-afternoon when a human came in. His name was Hirus Feek and was better dressed and groomed than anything that had walked or slithered in prior to his arrival. He was clearly not there for the free food. Hirus was looking for Olaf in that he had a problem he was hoping Olaf could help with. An orphan named Iltamar Shown worked at the armory with Hirus. Hirus treated Iltamar like a son, but recently Iltamar had fallen in with the wrong crowd. Iltamar was attending meetings with a suspicious group called the Brotherhood of Drackenhall. Hirus hoped Olaf could talk to Iltamar and convince him to take a more righteous path. Kassam was franticly waving some sort of no signal, but how could Olaf refuse?

At early evening, Olaf closed up the kitchen and headed out with Kassam. Kassam convinced him to first stop for some additional refreshments that soup kitchen didn’t stock. It was only an hour or so into their short stop that a message was delivered to Olaf. It was an immediate invitation for dinner O’nagens. Olaf studied the wording of the invite. That restaurant was well out of their price range, but the invite clearly implied that they didn’t need to pay for their dinner. They raced out to be certain they didn’t miss such an opportunity.

Kassam and Olaf had dinner with their host Lyra Greenbow, a ranking member of the local Gold Wyrm order. She was intent on discussing with them some uninteresting stories of beasts being mutated by chaos residue in the sewers. Olaf didn’t mind much since the food was fantastic. He could tell even Kassam was impressed with the quality of drinks. As Lyra was speaking she pulled up an extra-large bowl of mashed potatoes. The aroma hit Olaf of the potatoes clearly having been freshly baked and lightly seasoned. Lyra held of the bowl in Olaf’s direction as she continue on about something. Trying his best to contain his drool, Olaf blurted out “Oh, yes definitely!” as he grabbed the bowl of potatoes. He started with his first big scoop when caught the last of Lyra was saying. “Then it is agreed. I’ll expect to have samples and creature descriptions within 3 days.” Olaf was about to go for his second scoop when he heard Kassam glass crash to the floor. Olaf glanced up to catch Kassam face getting redder with rage and heard the very subtle sound of an energy bolt forming under the table pointed in Olaf’s direction. Olaf had done something wrong again and was putting the pieces together fast. He had just accidently agreed to do something. It was something in the sewers, horribly dangerous, and .. and? One more look at Kassam confirmed the final part. Yes, he had just agreed to all of this free of charge.

After several more drinks Kassam once again forgave Olaf. They decided talking Iltamar out of doing something stupid was far more pleasant than going to the sewers, so they sought out Iltamar at a local dive bar. Olaf wondered how to talk Iltamar into doing the right thing. Thinking back to his own childhood, his parents never really talked him out of anything. They always showed him through the examples they set. Maybe Olaf could do the same for Iltamar. So instead of talking Iltamar out of this Brotherhood group, Olaf agreed to go with him. He would show Iltamar who these Brotherhood people really were and break up the cult all at the same time.

They met at the Rat’s Nest at midnight. Iltamar had no problem getting Kassam and Olaf in. Everyone wore cloaks, so blending in wasn’t a problem either. It wasn’t until the local cult leader, Dilar, arrived that things went off plan. Dilar picked out some wood elf who wasn’t supposed to be there. When Dilar went to kill the wood elf, Olaf had to step in. He climbed up on the table, caught his breath, held up his badge and then yelled out “We are the police and you are all under arrest.” Everyone fled except Dilar and 2 of his henchmen. Olaf and Kassam captured them easily. The wood elf, Zeratul, said he could interrogate them and find out the true leaders of the cult. He started to talk to them in some sort of demonic voice, but then struggled as he tried to get hold of himself. As he struggled he blurted out they should leave, so Dilar and his henchmen fled. Not exactly the interrogation Olaf was hoping for. On the bright side, Iltamar was very impressed with Olaf and agreed not to follow any cults anymore. Zeratul, thankful for Olaf and Kassam saving his life, agreed to stay and help them.

Well it couldn’t be avoided forever, the 3 of them went to the sewers. It was horrible, terrifying, and the 3 of them barely escaped with their lives. They got some samples of the numerous chaos beasts so they could call the job done.

The next day Hirus Feek was back at the Python House. He was in distress since Iltamar had been kidnapped during the night. He had bought some divination to locate Iltamar, but needed some heroes to save him. Olaf began to say they would help, when Kassam slammed an energy bolt infused heel into Olaf’s foot. While Olaf reeled in pain, Kassam negotiated their terms. By the time Olaf recovered, Hirus had agreed to provide them with an Epic set of plate mail worth more money than the group had ever seen.

The divination was correct and the located Iltamar at a storehouse behind an abandoned school. The Brotherhood wasn’t there though, it was some sort of field lab were chaos “enhancements” were being made to people. They fought a couple of enhanced people, but the head scientist (Kineny Looth – Surgeon in the Shadows) escaped using a teleport spell. Fortunately, they rescued Iltamar before any chaos magic was done to him.

Olaf went to Hirus Feek’s shop to collect the Epic plate mail. Hirus was almost done with it, but Olaf saw the shiniest set of plate mail he’d ever seen sitting in the display window. He begged Hirus to let him have the shiny plate mail instead of the Epic set. Hirus agreed and gave him his new shiny plate mail. Olaf glowed all the way home.

Olaf's Journal, part seven
beware of little girls

The group headed out to get some protection from cold ritual and was intercepted by the Crimson Coil gang. They are a Chaos worshipping group lead by Mr. Grumpy-pants who calls himself Watad. Olaf did his best to cheer him up, but had no positive effect at all. Mr. Grumpy-pants wanted us to get him the Chaos weapons in the cellar or he promised he’d kill us all.

Olaf had no intention of handing over evil weapons to Mr. Grumpy-pants so he went to local chapter of the Great Gold Wyrm. Previously, he hadn’t been showing his face at any Great Gold Wyrm functions, but it was time to start making some changes. He explained this situation with Mr. Grumpy-pants to the Gold Wyrm members and they promised they’d help.

Kassam was nowhere to be found (off drinking?) but the rest of the team cast the protection from cold ritual and swam through the underground water to the locked door. There was an Elvish riddle on the door, but Olaf couldn’t figure out the riddle so he just busted open the lock. Inside the room was a 6 headed mechanical Chaos Hydra. Mal and Olaf did their best to fight the Hydra while Oswald supervised. You know, there are some days Olaf wished Oswald would participate in the fights but I guess that isn’t what being a boss is all about. Anyway, the Hydra ripped the party to shreds. Fortunately, Olaf’s mighty power of the Great Gold Wyrm healed the group saving their lives. All the team found was some weapons that were imbued with Chaos magic. Olaf guessed that those were the Chaos weapons.

A Chaos cult member showed up to collect the weapons but we refused to give it to him. Then the Great Gold Wrym knights showed up and took us and the weapons to safety. My Grumpy-pants plans were foiled!

With rest and some down time, Oswald started to work out their next mission. Roric Gagarin had died (murdered?) and the local gang members were starting to engage in open war. Mal went to the mortician’s house to find out if Roric had been murdered. There was no evidence of murder but Mal seems to be a lot happier when he returned. Olaf wasn’t sure what Mal’s thing was for dead bodies. Despite no foul play, Oswald offered the group’s services to end the gang wars. No word back on that.

The group signed up to retrieve the coffin and dead daughter of a prominent Shivvel merchant named Linch Cran. Olaf didn’t like anyone who promoted Shivvel, but at least the mission seemed honest and kind-hearted. The team swam down to the wreckage of the ship where the coffin and dead daughter were supposed to be. There were some Sahuagin looting the ship. Olaf tried to parley with them but wasn’t even sure they spoke common since they just immediately attacked. The team subdued one of them and let the other swim away.

The group followed the trail of wreckage to an underground cave. When they came up out of the water, 4 thugs and 2 guards immediately attacked the party. How rude. The thugs and the guards had to be subdued. On the bright side, there were some slaves there that were happy to meet Olaf. The coffin was there too, but the dead girl had escaped it. Olaf didn’t realize it, but that was just the first bad sign.

The team followed the trail of the dead girl through the caves. When they found her, she was sad and confused. Oswald suggested bringing her to her father would help her. Olaf wanted to point out that she was dead and that seemed like a significant point Oswald was missing. Oswald just reassured Olaf that bringing her to her father would help her. Olaf was always impressed at the kindness in Oswald’s heart. So the party walked her over to Linch Cran’s office. That’s when everything went wildly wrong. Linch was horrified his daughter was undead (understandable, not sure why Oswald didn’t see that coming). The daughter sprouted claws and fangs and then went to rip her father to bits. Not even Olaf saw that coming. Olaf jumped in-between to try to stop the fighting, but Linch’s barbarian bodyguard/girlfriend jumped in front of Olaf to join in the fight. Olaf screamed that everyone needed to get along and offered hugs for everyone, but it didn’t seem to help. Linch freaked out and blasted the group with poison spray that was stronger than anything Olaf has seen before. Mal freaked out and started summoning even more undead. Things got worse from there. The little girl killed her father and the bodyguard. Oswald went to reassure her but did so by telling her that her life was useless now and she would have been better off being destroyed. Not saying Oswald was wrong on that point, but could you think of a worse time to bring it up? She freaked out and tried to kill Oswald so Mal destroyed her (Oswald doesn’t do his own fighting). So in the end, everyone was dead but us. It was so sad Olaf could do nothing but cry.

Olaf's Journal, part six
exploring the Pythoness House

After the fiasco with the rat men, the team was able to search the ground level. Joyous day! They found what they had been looking for, the kitchen. After all they had been through it was good to see their goal achieved. The horror of the situation didn’t hit Olaf until he opened the cupboard. The place was complete stocked with rat food. Oh God no! There was only one thing Olaf could think of to do in such dire circumstances. He knelt down and prayed.
“Oh mighty Great Gold Wyrm hear our desperate prayer. Our kitchen has no good food in it!”
Just then Olaf thought he heard the faint sound of a cart bell ring in the distance. He ran out of the house and sure enough coming down the street was a pastry cart. Clearly the power of prayer had saved them again. Olaf bought enough pastries to fully stock the kitchen. He was set for hours.

Now you would think that was the end of this journal entry, but for un-comprehendible reasons the team wanted to explore the rest of the house. There was a ladder up and a staircase up. Since the ladder didn’t look like it could hold Olaf, they took the stairs. And you know what they found … more stairs. After those stairs all they found was another ladder. The team insisted on going forward, so with 3 ropes attached to Olaf and the rest of the team pulling Olaf managed to climb upwards. It was a lot of work, but after climbing up they looked around and found MORE GODDAMN STAIRS. They went up and up and up until they couldn’t go any higher so they found a trap door to a tower to go even higher. Olaf hoisted his teammates up through the trap door and then passed out on the floor for a while.

After the team felt they had full explored the house, they rested on the ground level. From the ground level they found a secret passage to an underground cellar. The cellar was abnormally cold. Good for storing meats and ice cream. Normally the cold didn’t bother Olaf, but cellar led to an underground ice pool. There was some sort of cavern with a magical door on the other side of the pool. Olaf enjoyed swimming, but swimming through water in sub-zero temperatures to work out how to unlock a magically door in a sub-zero room seemed a little suicidal. Instead the team decided to get some magically protection against cold.

Olaf's Journal, part five
Garados goes down

What a terrible dream Olaf was having. His own friend was repeatedly kicking him. Wait, it wasn’t a dream and Kassam was kicking him. He was saying something about that Olaf had to get up. Yes, that was definitely it, the pieces were coming to him. Oswald was back, ok. Kassam had told Oswald they had identified the head of the Seekers of the Lost cult – Garados. That and the group identified that Garados was almost finished constructing a monster zombie capable of destroying the whole town. Olaf knew all this already but was still trying to get his head around why he needed to wake up. Oswald and Kassam seemed insistent on heading out and saving the town, BEFORE LUNCH. Insane, but it seemed Olaf had little choice in the matter.

As they approach the emporium, Olaf started planning. Perhaps one of the group would use some necromantic object to pretend to be from a different cult. Then that person could infiltrate the Seeker and gain their trust. By working their way up the chain of command, they could learn all of Garados’s dark evil plans. Olaf thought it was a brilliant plan, but Oswald only chuckled a little as that approached the emporium. Then Oswald kicked down the door and shouted, “Police! Garados you’re under arrest!” Hmm, I guess that plan could work too.

The team searched the emporium and found a secret door leading down a long spiral staircase. Olaf was a little uneasy climbing down all of those stairs. Not because of the darkness, powerful negative energy, or horrible stench, rather Olaf couldn’t stop thinking that he might need to climb up all those stairs to get out of here. The team assured him that there must be some kind of ramp out of this place they were going.

Once at the bottom, the team tried all the safe looking passages but unfortunately Garados wasn’t in any of them. Finally they went down the incredibly stinky passage. It lead to a room with a garbage pit. Olaf was trying to determine if the stench was coming from the garbage pit when from out behind an illusionary wall charged 3 zombies. One of the zombies was pushing an oversized wheelbarrow. How odd. The zombie with wheelbarrow charged into Olaf knocking him into it. At first Olaf this was quite pleasant since he’d been looking for an opportunity lay down after all that walking, but quite rudely the zombie dumped him garbage pit. Even worse, there was a ghoul in the garbage pit. You would think Olaf friends would have helped him out with defeating all these undead, but instead Oswald kept shouting out instructions to everyone. I guess that’s why he’s the boss. Anyway, Olaf was much more concerned about how he was going to get out of the pit. After the undead were destroyed, they lowered him a rope. Then another rope. Then a third rope. With the 3 ropes securely around him, Olaf “climbed” out of the pit. The whole ordeal was exhausting, so Olaf thought they should stop for lunch, but no, they had to continue on to find and stop Garados.

They continued to lab where they found the zombie golem already operational. So why did Olaf have to delay his lunch? There was some undead and also something that looked like Garados, but was actually his familiar. So Olaf summoned the power of the Great Gold Wyrm to have him, Kassam, and Mal defeat the undead, golem, and the familiar while Oswald stood around and gave everyone instructions. With that, they finally they stopped for lunch.

Garados was long gone by the time they finished lunch, so the team packed up and headed back to Drackenhall. Kassam had “won” a house back in Drackenhall, and the team wanted to setup in their new home. Now even Olaf knew that Kassam winning anything was pretty fishy, but owning a home meant the group had somewhere comfy to stay, so Olaf was willing to go with it for now. Unfortunately, the house was inhabited by some cute-looking rat men. Olaf wanted to make friends, but Oswald did the whole, we’re the police and you have to leave thing. It didn’t seem to work. Olaf wasn’t sure they even spoke common. They blasted Olaf with wands and rifles and things got a little blurry after that. After Olaf was revived, the team told him the arrest didn’t go well and many of the rat men committed suicide. Poor rat men. Clearly they needed a warm hug.

Session Five Prep
Prep for October 4, 2015 meeting

Group advances to level two.

After dispatching Arlissa Thent at the Lamplighter’s Guild building, you have compelling evidence that Garados is the ring leader of the Seekers of the Lost.

Garados is the patriarch of the Kessmir family. He owns a shop called the Relic Hunter’s Emporium. Like many Lamplighter’s, he is an undistinguished graduate of the Arcanists of the Hidden Veil, one the town’s three arcane schools.

Olaf's Journal, part four
Don't get between me and my meals

The next afternoon Olaf rolled out of bed to get ready for work. To his surprise, Oswald had already left having to some “important” paperwork. The string of arrests they were doing was clearly making a good impression. Oswald left a note instructing them to continue the investigation into the Seekers of the Lost cult. Kassam and Olaf gave each other a look and a smile. They knew several bars they could continue to look for clues. The first priority was mid-day meal.

They headed downstairs and ran into Thurrock, Olaf’s old classmate from his nobility classes. How had Thurrock found him? Oh yes, Olaf forgot he had lost his mask. Well Olaf didn’t like being found out, but Thurrock was a friend and a good guy. Olaf introduced Kassam and Mal Kashar to Thurrock. Olaf noticed that Thurrock was a little disturbed by Mal Kashar. Upon further questioning, it wasn’t that Mal Kashar was dead and still walking around. Olaf had seen Mal Kashar get killed and it still bothered him a bit that Mal was walking around after that. That didn’t seem to phase Thurrock though. Thurrock seemed put off by the fact that Mal Kashar regularly summoned Undead and wielded the unholy powers of darkness. Hmm, Thurrock had a good point there. Thurrock always had good points like that. Anyway, Olaf told Thurrock all about being a police investigators and the evil Seekers of the Lost they were tracking down. To Olaf’s surprise, Thurrock actually wanted to do some investigation. This was ruining Olaf’s day off, but again Thurrock had good point they should actually do something about the cult.

The group went to investigate the crypt of Kolm, one of the townspeople that was turned into a zombie. Their investigation did indeed reveal that the crypt was disturbed and someone turned him into a zombie. Olaf had no idea who, but fortunately the guilty person, Lando, revealed himself by ambushing the group. After the ambush, they investigated Lando’s room and found an oversized bag of Oreo’s (finally loot). Olaf continued to investigate Lando’s bed while the rest of the group looked elsewhere.
A couple hours later Thurrock was finally able to wake Olaf and informed Olaf they had note that was very incriminating to Odessa Rilantes at the Lamplighter’s guild. Hmm, that was important and Oswald should do something about that when he got back. Thurrock suggested that he could infiltrated the Lamplighter’s office and gather information. Wow, Thurrock was full of good ideas. Thurrock was successful and setup a secret meeting with Odessa at for 2:30am at a BAR! (Bless you Thurrock.) The meeting was clearly an ambush, which Thurrock was worried about, but Olaf assured him they were experts at being ambushed. The way to beat the ambush was for Olaf, Kassam, and Mal Kashar to slip into the bar as soon as possible and ambush the ambushers. And how would they slip into the bar unnoticed? Olaf, master of disguises, had that covered too. With fake mustaches and long blond wigs, no one would think they were anything more normal patrons at the bar. Thurrock would attend the meeting as bait and the rest of the group would leap out at just the right moment (well maybe step carefully). It was a perfect plan.

And the plan worked pretty well. They were successful at arresting Odessa and all of her employees, but Olaf was very disappointed in the amount of bar snacks there were to confiscate as part of the arrest. All the hiding and disguising had forced Olaf’s to miss his midnight meal. The lack of snacks was becoming a serious issue, but Olaf’s friends insisted they go investigate Odessa office BEFORE dinner. The investigation did reveal that Odessa was reporting into the Garroast, head of the lamplighter’s guild, and that his curio shop was lab where they were build building an unholy monstrosity. With that evidence secure, Olaf’s friends finally conceded to go to dinner. Olaf had just the place, his favorite all-night diner that he’d been visiting every night since he got to Eldolan.

On their way to Olaf’s diner, they ambushed by a two assassins, an unholy caster and a female, elven sniper. How did they possible find the group and how dare they attack BEFORE dinner. Olaf had taken too much today to suffer another delay to his most important meal. There was no time to waste. The caster summoned an unholy army of skeletons, but Olaf summoned the holy power of the Great Gold Wyrm to destroy them. The caster summon an unholy cloud of darkness which Olaf burst through to reach the caster (well took a few steps and panted some). Then Olaf used the strength of the Great Gold Wyrm to bash the caster to the ground. The sniper was also going to be an issue too, so Olaf used the spirit of the Great Gold Wyrm to blow the sniper off the roof. Olaf’s was not going to accept any more delays to dinner. They arrested both assassins. Thurrock took caster into custody, while Kassam let the sniper go in exchange for a date. It didn’t make sense to Olaf, but his stomach was growling too loudly to argue the point. At last, all the obstacles had been cleared between Olaf and his meal.

Olaf's Journal, part three
session three

The one thing Olaf didn’t expect at having a job is that you have to work a lot. By 3PM his friends were already pushing him out of bed to get ready for the next day. Still, Olaf hadn’t held a job for this long in a while, so he was going to make every effort. He got up, got ready, and greeted his friends in his new mask. It worked perfectly! Not even his friends could recognize him.

Continuing the investigation, Olaf and his friends went to visit Mr. Rain. He was the one that rented the wagon that was used to block one of the exits in the town square attack. Mr. Rain was very friendly and told the group about the 2 people who rented the wagon and said we could find them at the old, abandoned dwarven brewery. The old brewery was rumored to haunted, but fortunately Olaf wasn’t scared of ghosts.

The old brewery unfortunately did not have any beer whatsoever. Olaf had been hoping, but he knew it was a longshot. They did fine the 2 people that rented the wagon and arrested them. As it turns out, the brewery was indeed haunted by a ghost dwarf ghost named Welgard. Olaf and Welgard immediately hit it off as friends. Welgard was distraught since there was no more beer in the brewery. Olaf could understand how that bad was and gave him a big, warm hug, except the hug didn’t work as he past right through the ghost. Welgard didn’t understand. Olaf explained to him that he was actually dead and should move on to the afterlife. Welgard agreed and they departed friends. It’s always good to make new friends even if they’ve already dead.

The 2 wagon renters directed them to Paulos (provides payment for body) and Torso the Dreammaster, at the old theater. This was their base of operations for the Shivvel distribution. On the way to the theater, they met a group of orphans led by young man named Artful Dodger. Artful was very friendly and asked for a donation for the orphans he was helping to support. Olaf gave him what little money he had and Artful thanked him graciously and left. Olaf friends were upset with him again. Apparently they were not as generous with orphans as he was.

A police raid! How exciting. Olaf and his fellow officers, arrested everyone in the entrance room and burst into the main theater room where the drug lord called the Dreammaster operated. Despite the fierce resistance, they arrested all of the Dreammaster’s employees, and charged up onto staged to arrest the Dreammaster himself. Before they could, he disappear through the floor. Olaf moved over to the place where the Dreammaster had disappeared from as the rest of his friends searched for clues. When Olaf got there, he heard the creaking and snapping of floor boards beneath him. He looked up at his friends and said,
“Oh no!”

The trapdoor the Dreammaster had used was apparently not designed for someone of Olaf’s girth and broke open under his weight. Olaf fell through the floor and belly rolled down a slide the Dreammaster had used to escape. Olaf’s friends followed him down. The slide led to a basement room where the Dreammaster was hiding behind 2 cute and cuddly drakes. There was no escape for the Dreammaster this time. Olaf and his friends arrested him and put end to the drug dealing.

Olaf looked back at debris from his crash, fall, and roll. His mask had been completely destroyed. Without his ingenious disguise life was about to get a bit more complicated.

Olaf's Journal, part two
Session Two

When Oswald told him they were going to Eldolan, he tried to smile but was filled with a sense of dread. He had passed through Eldolan over five years ago on his way to Drakkenhall. Even then, the town was familiar to Olaf from the stories his mother told. It was a place of power for followers of the Great Gold Wyrm. It was the place she had first heard the voice of the Great Gold Wyrm and this changed her path forever. Eldolan was a good town, but for Olaf it was place too closely tied to his past, a past that someday might catch up with him.

Then a brilliant idea came to him. Surely no one would recognize him if he wore a disguise. With some twigs and dead grass he fashioned himself a fake mustache. That with a pair of old spectacles he looked completely different. Olaf greeted his friends in disguise and they all complimented him on his new look. Of course they recognized him, but that wasn’t the point. He just had to make sure the casual observer didn’t spot him. He told his friends to call him Sven to go with his new look. They bought it. Maybe they were more naïve then Olaf realized.

Olaf’s friends had varied business to conduct in Eldolan, but Olaf insisted on dinner first at the Beached Whale. The place was full of Crusader and Great Gold Wyrm followers, but Olaf didn’t recognize any of the Great Gold Wyrm folks from the old days. His identity was secure, but there was another issue. It seemed there was a rivalry fight brewing between the Crusaders and the Great Gold Wyrm followers. Olaf pictured the brawl and imagined neither side coming out unscathed. There must be something he could do to avoid this disaster. Something that could make these people happy. Yes of course. Olaf got up on the bar and started to sing one of his favorite song from childhood. Singing always made hime happy, maybe it could make everyone else happy too. Several of the Great Gold Wyrm followers joined in. It was working, they were happy. As the song started to wind down, Olaf noticed Crusaders were definitely not happy. Ah, wrong song. He needed something more inclusive to the Crusaders. Olaf thought back to his classes on what he knew about the Crusaders. He had read a Crusader’s fight song once. It was worth a try. He tried to put the words he remembered to music. While he was sure he wasn’t doing a great job singing, a couple of the Crusaders recognized it and joined in. Olaf could see the smile on their faces as they bellowed out song. Ok now both the Great Gold Wyrm followers and the Crusader followers were happy. Olaf had saved the day again.

Now that 1st dinner was complete, they were off to business. They were meeting Therilsa Stormhand in the town square. Just as Olaf gave her his standard greeting, “Hi I’m … Sven, and I like warm hugs”, the town square was swarmed by zombies. Olaf charged forward to protect Therilsa, but halted abruptly when the smell caught him. Kasam had opened the sandwich cart! The situation was now all too clear to Olaf. The sandwiches were on freshly baked bread. He could actually hear Kasam bite into one. It must have been toasted. Oil and vinegar dripped down the roll. Was that prosciutto and cheese? He tried to retreat back to the sandwich cart, but the zombies were now grabbing and jumping on him. Olaf flailed desperately to reach the sandwiches, but the stupid zombies would not get out of the way. He watched painfully each and every time as Kasam bit down, only to watch him smile and wipe his face. The agony of the situation was almost too much to bear until Kasam swallowed the last morsel. Eventually the zombies were dispersed and Olaf stomped back towards Kasam angrier than he had ever been at his friend. Then Olaf realized there were still 7 sandwiches left. Happy day.

As part of the investigation, Oswald convinced the group to track down Aerto at a place called the Squirming Mermaid. Olaf was a little skeptical at first, but was surprised to find out that the Squirming Mermaid did have the best swill and fish stew he had ever tasted. The drinks were a bit on the strong side, but not all-together bad tasting. When Oswald suggested they tail Iairtoe, Olaf suggested he remain behind to check for any other suspicious characters. It seemed like a good deal, until he realized his “friends” had left him with the bill. Ah well, not the first time for that. A couple of drinks always mends any hurt feelings. The next part was a little fuzzy.

Olaf had woken up from more than one drunken night in his life, but never like this. He was lying on the floor in some dark warehouse. Kasam was trying to treat some sort of acid wounds he had sustained without out a clue of how to do it. Olaf was in no mood to find out what had spit acid all over him. Some nights it was just better not to know. His friends filled him in that they were assaulting a warehouse of necromancer cultists that were responsible for the zombie attack. Why Olaf had agreed to do this at 5 in the morning was beyond him, but at least it would soon be breakfast time. The cultists must eat breakfast, right?

After a bit of searching, they found the secret entrance (there is always a secret entrance) to the cultist’s lair. They jumped in on some demonic ritual and beat up all the cultists in the first room. Without even catching their breath, the team burst open the heavy doors to next room.

They were too late. The head necromancer cultist was completing a horrifying demon ritual. He had his dagger raised in the air and was about to sacrifice a poor, innocent sailor. There was no way any of the group could reach him in time. They were all doomed, especially the poor, innocent sailor. Nothing could be done. Well there was one thing. One thing that Olaf had tried to forget for many years now. In this final moment of desperation, the old words came back to him effortlessly.
“By the authority entrusted to me by my divine birthright, I summon the power of the Great Gold Wyrm.”

As he started to say the words everything started to slow down and by the time he finished everything stopped in time. The cultist dagger was still mid-thrust inches above the sailor. His friends and enemies were all frozen. The silence made the booming voice all the more terrifying.

“How dare you!”

The image of the Great Gold Wyrm’s head materialized in front of him. It seemed larger than the room itself. Olaf tried to reply but his voice now seemed to sound like that of a small child.

“The sailor will die without your help and the ritual will complete.”

The anger in the Great Gold Wyrm’s voice increased,
“What gives you the right to call upon me!”

Olaf did not know the answer. He could only think of the helpless sailor in front of him.
“There was no other way.”

The anger seemed to dissipate and the tone changed to that of disappointment.

“Olaf you must decide your path. You cannot deny your birthright and then call upon when you choose. The world has many helpless victims waiting for you to step forward. You must choose Olaf, and you must choose soon.”

The image of the Great Gold Wyrm vanished and suddenly time resumed. The cultist’s dagger thrust toward the sailor and was blasted back by the power of the Great Gold Wyrm. The cult was defeated and Olaf’s friends and of course the sailor thanked him. Olaf was not in congratulatory mood though. Using that much power here in Eldolan was sure to be noticed. Only one thing was for certain.

Olaf was going to need a better disguise!

That was the Other Cult
Session Two Recap Quests and Clues

When the group finally wakes up and pulls themselves together they find:

Aerto is gone.

A review of the warehouse records and other documents reveals several items of note:

  • Aerto is involved in a Lich King cult called The Seekers of the Lost. The Seekers of the Lost have infiltrated Eldolan, perhaps over many years.
  • The Seekers of the Lost appear to have at least one member planted the Dead Vaults.
  • No indication of any additional members of the diabolical cult appear. No survivors.
Open Items
  • Dead Vaults lead (Hawker’s Square, diabolical cult)
  • Rumney Twosilvers, a merchant, recognizes the cart used (Hawker’s Square)
  • Interview street folk in the Commons lead (Mission of Lost Hope)
  • Aerto and the Seekers of the Lost cult lead (diabolical cult)
  • Surgical knowledge lead (Hawker’s Square)
  • Dream Master quest (Owen Bastable – Prince of Shadows)
  • Therilsa Stormhand quest (Group – Great Gold Wyrm)
Drakkenhall tasks
  • Pythoness House deed (Kasam Awarth)
  • Dark Arts books (Mal Keshar)
Quests and Loot #2
Session Two Recap Admin

Eldolan reputation

  • Dispatched the zombie menace in the square
  • Masterfully organized care afterwards, calming the populace.
  • Therilsa Stormhand lives. (Penalty avoided.)
  • Crushed the diabolical cult in Eldolan.
  • Rescued the sailor, Anatoly Danilov.

Oswald Bastable has a quest to stop the Dream Master’s shivvel operation, offered obliquely by Rodolfo Roundbottom.

Kasam Awarth has a deed to the Pythoness House in Drakkenhall. It might be worth something.

Olaf Mountain is aware that Eldolan has a large concentration of Ordo Aurum knights and retainers and Templar soldiers; typically an explosive mix.

Mal Keshar is seeing some real world necromancy being practiced. He also finds some works on the Dark Arts in the demon worshippers’ basement. These may prove useful at the Blue Celestial Institute.

The group recovers a little money from the demon worshippers.


  • Rune (+1)
  • Holy Relic (+1)

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