Drakkenhall Blues

Pearl Dogs relationship
Session Prep for June 17, 2018

Group progress, upgrades to the Pythoness House, and growth of the soup kitchen increase your local influence. The Pearl Dogs control the district. What posture do you take with them?

You can pay normal protection fees, which is cooperative.
You can pass on protection but do this quietly, which is aggressive.
You can publicly denounce the Pearl Dogs, which is hostile.

Prefer to have the whole group decide this; so, no resolution required today.

Characters 4.1
Session Prep for June 17, 2018

Characters are level four (4) with one (1) partial advance. This puts the players at the very bottom of the Champion tier. Onward, champions!

Keeping up with the Joneses, Queen's Wood style.
June 17, 2018 session prep

Elnaril Carharice, luxury merchant, asks Kassam to travel to the outskirts of the Queen’s Wood to the village of Summervale. Sinnafain Beitris, the head of a struggling minor merchant house that occupies the bottom rung of nobility needs help. The Queen’s Progress will come through Summervale and this will doubtless generate various silly competitions among the local nobility. They need some talent to avoid losing face. Making them look good will advance Elnaril’s interests, and it’s a chance for Kassam to show his worth.

Quest: Support Merchant House
Reward: Kassam gains Elnaril Carhice as an asset.
Additional Rewards: variable based upon success in noble games.

Long Term Project Update
Session Prep for June 17, 2018

Kassam cultivates a merchant relationship with Elnaril Carharice. He just needs one mission to seal the deal. :)

Olaf gets the Infirmary and the Brain. He also gets a lead on a dream interpreter, Madam Zelda.

Zeratul enjoys modest success in gladiatorial combat.

Zeratul’s Cohort: Expert Sidekick Speedy finishes training.

Zeratul’s investigations of the Chaos Surgeon’s demonic materials is open. 1/8 to complete.

Bastable is off stage consolidating power in the Blue Coats.

McGrath is off stage working on his brewery and tavern.

Pythoness House Lair update
Olaf and the brain

Lair enhancements

I’m adding an infirmary and the Brain as spoils from the last fight. I’ve statted some other capabilities as well.

Infirmary: (Olaf) You get +1d to healing treatment rolls. The infirmary also has beds for long-term convalescence. New

Soup kitchen: (Olaf) You get -2 heat per score._ Free food makes you beloved by the poor. Public perception is you are charitable._

Bluecoat Confederates: (Bastable) You get +1d to the engagement roll for assault plans. The street patrol around here helps you out now.

Secure Lair: (Kassam) Your lair has locks, alarms, and traps to thwart intruders.
A second upgrade improves the defenses to include arcane measures that work against spirits. Upgrades 1/2. I put this towards Kassam as the deed holder.

Tavern: (McGrath) You get +1d to Consort and Sway rolls on-site. Some booze and friendly conversation can go a long way.

Cohort:Jiro Ono, expert Chef (Olaf).
Cohort: the Brain, expert Surgeon (Olaf). New
Cohort: Captain of the Guards (Bastable).
Cohort: Speedy, sidekick vigilante (Zeratul) New

Cohort Squad: Guards; don’t call them Thugs (Bastable)

Quality: Each upgrade improves the quality rating of all the PCs’ items of that type, beyond the quality established by the crew’s Tier and fine items. You can improve the quality of Documents, Gear (covers Burglary Gear and Climbing Gear), Arcane Implements, Subterfuge Supplies, Tools (covers Demolitions Tools and Tinkering Tools), and Weapons.
All quality 0.

Olaf's Journal, part thirteen
Doctor Olaf

The group wanted to shut down the supply of Mirakuru in Drakenhall, but first they needed to find out where it was coming from. Time for some more undercover work. Olaf was getting good at this police stuff. They went to a Pearl Dogs drug house to setup a big drug buy with the legendary drug dealer, Squirrel. That seem to go ok, but Squirrel had a few tricks up his sleeve. Instead of sell the drugs at the drug house he made the group walk to a slaughter house location, BEFORE THEY HAD DINNER! The half mile seemed like the other side of the planet. There was some kind of meeting table with chairs for the group. Olaf grabbed a couple and sprawled out while Kassam talked to the head drug dealers. Kassam must have insulted them since all the guards attacked the group. Olaf wasn’t sure, but he didn’t think the drug deal was going well.

On the bright side, the slaughter house was stocked with food supplies and since they had killed everyone, all of it was for the taking. Olaf helped himself to a sizable dinner. Then they were able to pack a cart full of food for the Python house. One difficulty was they didn’t have horses, they had cows. 2 cows hitched up to the front of the cart, but they still needed to convince the cows to pull the cart. Bastable suggested Olaf help convince the cows to pull. Hey, Olaf was good with animals but didn’t know Bastable knew that. Olaf started chatting up the cows without too much success, and Bastable suggested Olaf show the cows how to pull the cart. They had a 3rd harness which the group was able to hook up on the cart. Olaf put the harness on and gave the cart a pull. Then the cows stepped forward and pulled. Keep going, Bastable encouraged. Olaf pulled and the cows pull. It was working! … Wait a second. Olaf had just been volunteered as a pack mule. Ugh, Olaf hated exercise. It wasn’t too bad until Bastable pulled out the whip to encourage them all to keep moving. <sigh>

By the time they got back to the Python House, it was past time for second dinner. A great meal would also help Olaf feel less sore, unfortunately they were interrupted with an immediate summons from Bastable’s boss, Ashat. Clearly upper management needed some direction that it was not appropriate to issue summonses during meal times, but that would need to wait for another day. For tonight, it was back to the office.

The situation was pretty dire. Ashat’s boss Remy had been kidnapped and Ashat knew exactly what building he had been taken too. That sounded like a trap. And what should they do when the group discovered a trap? Well, walk directly into of course. So into the building they went. It was all the standard trap stuff – find Remy, walk into room, get sealed in room, get attacked by demons, kill off the demons. The twist was that the trap opened up after the battle. In the entrance hallway, was a group of humans. One of them was female and of course, Kazzam immediately started in trying to get her out on a date, and of course it wasn’t working. Guess someday he might not strike out, maybe. Well after a couple rounds the humans fled. Olaf’s teammates went to run them down. Sigh, the running thing again. Maybe he could help Remy WALK out. He was after all the guy they were trying to save.

So walking Remy out, Olaf trailed behind the rest of the group. Coming up from behind, Olaf saw a portal to Hell. The odd thing was the rest of the group decided to into the portal to Hell. Huh. You wouldn’t thought people tried to stay out of Hell. Olaf was sure that was part of Cleric 101 class. Olaf had seen the team to do crazier things, like skip lunch, so in he and Remy went.

Turns out it wasn’t a portal into Hell. It was more of a portal through Hell. That was significantly better. There were tentacle monsters trying eat Olaf and Remy, but they got through them. The other side of the passage through Hell ended in a laboratory. The team had already finished fighting the humans that were actually demons, and Ashat (hey where did he come from). They had all run off after some mad scientist Doctor. What they left was the Doctor’s float brain assistant and his patient in the middle of some neurosurgery. Oh what a cute and cuddly Brain.

“Save him” a voice whispered to Olaf.

Olaf didn’t know where the whisper came from, but he didn’t have much time to think about it either. The guy on the table was dying and needed immediate neurosurgery. Olaf thought back, but had only audited the neurosurgery class back in school. Still, no one else was volunteering. Olaf pulled on some rubber gloves and started to operate. Turns out Brain was very helpful. It was not only adept at delicate surgical procedures, it was also like an encyclopedia of medical knowledge. With Brain’s help, Olaf was able to repair damage and save the patient.

The group succeeded at stopping the mad scientist Doctor. The patient turned out to be the real Remy, and the Remy they saved turned out to be some sort of replica. Ashat and the other humans turned out all to be demons and coming here was all plot to kill the group and replace Remy. Olaf convinced the group to bring the medical equipment and Brain back to the Python house. Now in addition to the soup kitchen Olaf started up a medical clinic. Doctor Olaf and the Brain are now in the house!

Razor Clams for lunch
Bastable and Sergeant Remy

Remy invites Bastable for lunch at Vinny’s, a local establishment. After some small talk, Remy shakes his head.

_"Nasty business with the Red Sashes. Lot of heat. These idiots don’t understand the problems they create. You did good, Bastable… you did good… real good.

Still waiting for the other shoe to drop. My gut says it ain’t over yet. Not that I need to say it, but keep your eyes open out there."
He looks bleak and mutters to himself. “This shit gets crazy. Maybe it’s time to just walk away.”

“Always good to see you, Bastable. Everybody else has their head up their ass, you just have a poker up yours. Don’t start anything you can’t finish.”

Downtime updates for January 28, 2018 prep

Morakin the Screamer defeats Zeratul in the Blood Bowl newcomer tournament final after Zeratul’s surprising upset of Bloodhoof in the semifinal. Apparently, the coaching session

Olaf’s kitchens feed a growing audience.

Tensions remain high in Sweethall despite the reported defeat of the Red Sashes.

The behemoth Dolphin is expected to pass near Drakkenhall imminently according to Celestial Institute analysts.

Sky Captain Yasmeen and her renowned airship Queen of Lightning recently docked at the Celestial Court. Rumors abound as to the purpose of her visit.

Northern garrisons complain of increased Orc warband raids.

Ordo Aurum believes a purification ritual can purge your Halberd of negative influences.

Group is at level four with zero partial advances.

Mokarin the Screamer wins Blood Bowl newcomer tournament
Fresh blood for the Blood Bowl

The annual newcomer tournament once again proved entertaining. After a wild melee with hundreds of entrants, the field narrowed to 32.

Mokarin the Screamer, an Orc fighter freshly arrived from the northern wilds, defeated local elf monk Zeratul in the newcomer final.

The Minotaur fighter Bloodhoof won the consolation match against local Goblin monk, Qaaf.

Fighters again ruled the competition, with top finishers Mokarin and Bloodhoof reportedly accepting offers to join Blood Bowl teams. Qaaf returned to her Golden Frog dojo.

Olaf's Journal, part twelve
End of the Red Sashes

Olaf got back as fast as could, found his teammates immediately, and shouted out “Gerome Ono has been imprisoned!”. The lack of reaction made Olaf think he had stuttered or missed some words so he repeated himself. The continued blank stares after repeating the name a few times horrified Olaf. None of them knew who Gerome Ono was. Olaf launched into a 20 minutes monolog on how Gerome Ono was one of the greatest chef of all time. Everyone listened patiently. Olaf ended with a desperate plea that he had been imprisoned and the team needed to save him. Oswald calmly questioned how they were supposed to do that. Yes good point. Olaf realized he did not have even a shred of a plan. Most importantly he very few facts on the situation.

Often imprisonment in Drakkenhall was solved by the right amount of bribing to the right people. Usually the amount of the bribe depended on the size of the offense. So first Olaf went to talk to Gerome. Gerome didn’t remember Olaf from his visits to the food stall, but was willingly to talk to anyone who might help him. Unfortunately, Gerome didn’t know what the offense was or who ordered his imprisonment. Next Olaf interviewed Gerome’s two sons. They didn’t know anything either. Everyone loved Gerome. Well who wouldn’t after tasting his food. No one could think of anyone who wanted anything bad to happen to Gerome.

When Olaf got back home the team was waiting for him. Oswald had orders to take out the last Red Sash base. Olaf suggested they could talk to them, but Oswald insisted that he had orders that he needed to follow. They went to the base, banged on the door, and demanded the Red Sash surrender. It didn’t go well. Instead of surrendering, the Red Sashes started taking Mirakuru. Not only did that make them tougher, it also often killed them when it wore off. Most of the Red Sashes died, but they managed to save the leader Basho Bas. Instead of taking back to prison, they turned him into Lyssa Gagarin the current leader of the Crows.


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