Drakkenhall Blues

Drakkenhall Blues
Princeton, NJ

Face-to-face campaign – typical sessions are 8-10 hours and we play 6-10 times a year.

The setting is high fantasy, morally gray, and without divine guidance.

The game system is 13th Age.

The source materials are 13th Age with some twists, as well as some Arcana Unearthed and Ptolus material.

Drakkenhall Blues
The Story Begins

Mal Keshar – Human (sorta dead) Necromancer, graduate of the Blue Celestial Institute. Currently on leave from the group and teaching full-time at the Institute.

Kasam Awarth – High Elf Sorceror, a charming barfly with gambling debts and lowbrow tastes

Olaf Mountain – Human Cleric, recently arrived in Drakkenhall

Owen Bastable – Human Commander/Paladin, member of the Sweethall Constabulary

Rumors and leads
1st of Sidegloom, CE 345 - Session One Prelude

Mutated animal corpses, mostly dogs and dire rats, have turned up in Rubble Town. Corporal Assat demands that Bastable investigate.

Shivvel, a new powerfully addictive drug, is hitting the streets.

The Grayson House in Sweetwater is reported as haunted. The owners want it restored.

A merchant is selling some new sort of wine to the undead in the Necropolis.

The Pearl Dogs are becoming more aggressive outside of the Warrens.

Rubble Town Pests
1st of Sidegloom, CE 345, all day

The Sewers of Rubble Town

Dogs, cats, rats, and other small animals are turning up dead. The corpses display abnormal, uneven musculature. Corporal Assat gives the investigation to Oswald as it seems unlikely to produce any opportunity for wealth acquisition and may involve searching the sewers._

The party searches through rubble and subterranean passages and fights several groups of enhanced animals – rats, dogs, and bugs. All the animals evidence high levels of aggression, regeneration, and building rage_ (mechanically adding escalation die to damage)_.

The team finds additional corpses and the release point where animals are being dumped into the complex. The corpses suggest that the animals are released alive and die later.
Covered in animal gore, bug goo, and blood – and smelling of the sewers – the party heads back to the Sodden Barrel for a few drinks.

Mal Keshar immediately starts calling this the Mirakiru Quest, deducing the homage to Arrow.

There's Something About Iskra
1st of Sidegloom, CE 345, evening


As the party heads back to Sweethall they hear a cry for help. Two thugs are toying with a Iskra, a young woman in a dark alley. The party rushes to her rescue and the thugs flee. The lightly armored thug dashes off, but Ortry Fannon, the more heavily armored one, is surrounded and surrenders. Ortry is a foot solder for the Pearl Dogs complete with the two finger ring and pearlescent teeth and nails..

Ortry folds under Oswalds fierce questioning. He confesses he was hired to kill Iskra for 10g and another 40g upon completion by a human male named Doffel. He has a note and a rendezvous at a warehouse on Able Row in two days time. The group confiscates the note, his belongings, then sends him off with a warning to keep quiet.

1st of Sidegloom – 2130
Oswald Interviews Iskra Timurovna. She seems innocent and ignorant of why anyone would seek her death. Oswald takes decisive action and presses his inquiry. The group moves Iskra out of her lodging to a safehouse and offers to make up her missed wages and cover her expenses. They then interview Brother Fabitor, her clergyman, at Saint Gustav’s Chapel. Neither Brother Fabitor nor Iskra are particularly forthcoming, but Oswald relentlress interrogation combined with his Constabulary skills reveal that Iskra is pregnant and will not reveal her lover.

Sodden Barrel

1st of Sidegloom – 2330
The group runs out of interview targets. Complaints from Kasam and Olaf for food and drink culminate in a trip to the Sodden Barrel. Lesser groups might have bathed before interrogating Brother Fabitor or dining, but not our heroes.

Bastable’s Constabulary 5 background owned these encounters.

Pulling the String
2nd and 3rd of Sidegloom, CE 345

Rubble Town

Bastable continues his investigation of Iskra’s circumstances. He speaks to her employer, Saches, where Iskra works as a seamstress. She seems completely ordinary. He is convinced her lover holds the key, but is too sympathetic to force the information out of her against her wishes.

The team cases the warehouse. They decide to infiltrate and prepare and ambush. Since Mal Keshar and his Skeletal Minion don’t need to breath or eat, they conceal them in a crate a day before the meeting.

The warehouse meeting goes down the night of the 3rd of Sidegloom. Although the group is still working on its tactics, the dominate the fight. Laucio Delliniti dies immediately. Marcus, the attack dog, is spared because Olaf is convinced its a cute little doggie. This doesn’t really deter Marcus, but it keeps him from getting hit early in the fight.

Interrogating Vagger Nulus reveals a clumsy set of delegations and redelagations of the assassination of Iskra. Vagger clearly has strong loyalty to Torridan Cran.

The group takes Vagger hostage and proceeds to Toridan Cran’s house.

Toridan Cran
4th of Sidegloom, CE 326, after dark


The group meets Toridan Cran. Bastable plays the angle that Toridan has poached on Bastable’s territory. Toridan agrees to cut him in on the job in exchange for getting his men back – since this is all “just business”. They arrange for a swap the next night.

Both sides arrive, expecting treachery, and things immediately escalate to violence.

Mal Keshar summons a (max) mob of skeletons and, combined with high initiatve, good rolls by the whole group, and a little planning, they dismantle Toridan’s thugs. The fire elemental goes down immediately. Toridan surrenders and promises not to poach in Bastable’s territory. He provides info on the hit and walks with his gear.

A Few Open Questions
Session One Aftermath

Bastable is a bloodhound on the scents, but the trails go cold.

The group establishes the dump point for the mirakiru tainted animals, but doesn’t know who dumps them. Corporal Assat berates them for solving nothing.

Our heroes establish some safety protocols for Iskra, but do not have leads on her assassin or her lover.

Quests and Loot #1
Session One Recap

No group reputation swings.

Mirakiru chain advanced.

Iskra Timurovna chain advanced.


Olaf's Journal
Session One

So I got a job!

At first this sounded great. I met some of the other people Oswald hired. Kasam seemed friendly enough and the dead guy, well I guess he’s okay too. First day on the job Oswald deputized us. I get to be a police officer. Woo hoo! We started with the list of “happenings” in our section of town:

• Drug Addiction to something called “shivvel”
• Animal Mutations
• Greyson House is haunted

Our first job was to track down those mutated animals. Personally I’m always up for helping out some cute and cuddly little critters, but apparently tracking meant trudging through the sewers. I was ready to give up after we did an enormous amount of walking around and searching, 7 perhaps 8 minutes even, but these guys kept pushing on. Eventually we found some cute mice that looked like they needed our help. Good size ones too. My new friend’s method of helping the animals was to bash their heads in. How could they be so heartless, though I had my doubts on the dead guy had a heart at all. They said though there was no other choice and the cute and cuddly mice couldn’t be saved. Unfortunately, it didn’t end there. These kept trudging through the sewer all night long killing small, defenseless animals wherever they went. It was like a nightmare that I was too tired to wake from.

Finally, we got out of the sewers and headed for home. While we were walking we heard a lady scream for help. I’m like somebody call the police! Then I realized we are the police. Oh that is so weird. While I was thinking that over, my new friends did something completely unthinkable. They ran towards the lady who was screaming. Now I’m not just talking about free pizza kinda running, but they really ran and they expected me to as well. I tried my best to follow them but this was far more danger than I had signed up for. My heart was beating way too fast, my head was spinning and I couldn’t catch my breath. I almost died right there. Oh the lady’s attackers, some sort of pearl dog impersonators, had been disabled and were on the ground. Fortunately, none of my friends had been hurt, so they were able to carry me back to my room.

The next day Oswald instructed us to investigate the attack. The pearl dog impersonators were hired by a guy named Doffel from Sweethall. The lady was named Iskra Timurovna who is a seamstress in our local district. Apparently she spends a lot of time in Saint Gustav’s Chapel. That night we met with Doffel to find out why he hired those guys to attack that nice lady. Apparently, he was hired by Toridan Clan, some orc with an important brother, and his assistant Vagger Nulus. Oswald wanted to do some more investigating stuff, so that gave Kasam and I an opportunity to go drinking. We invited the dead guy, but he said something about not drinking. His loss, and more for Kasam and me. And man can that Kasam chug. I can hold my own with the best of them but this Kasam matched me drink for drink and then some. Ah, what a swell night.

After sleeping that off, we setup a meeting with Toridan Cran. I don’t recall him being all that friendly either, but apparently he was hired by someone else, and that someone else doesn’t exist. Hmm, this police stuff can be confusing at times. Ah well, 2 days in and I still have the job. I think that is a new record.



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