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  • Eldolan

    Eldolan is a sleepy port with three Arcane Schools and a small fishing community. Eldolan has three magic colleges that comprise the Eldolan Arcane University. They share a common campus called the Grounds. The town is a center of eldritch study for those …

  • Eldolan Arcane University

    h3. The Eldritch Masters College Consisting mostly of high elves and half elves but with a few human casters in the ranks too, the Eldritch Masters focus on perfecting big rituals and flashy spells that make a lot of noise and deal a lot of damage. They …

  • Eldolan Silver Shields

    Eldon has a small police force called the Silver Shields. Sheriff Rosco (think “Dukes of Hazzard”) supervises this group, but they mostly collect tariffs and fees and handle small civil disturbances. The University has its own charter and campus police.