Drakkenhall Blues

Razor Clams for lunch
Bastable and Sergeant Remy

Remy invites Bastable for lunch at Vinny’s, a local establishment. After some small talk, Remy shakes his head.

_"Nasty business with the Red Sashes. Lot of heat. These idiots don’t understand the problems they create. You did good, Bastable… you did good… real good.

Still waiting for the other shoe to drop. My gut says it ain’t over yet. Not that I need to say it, but keep your eyes open out there."
He looks bleak and mutters to himself. “This shit gets crazy. Maybe it’s time to just walk away.”

“Always good to see you, Bastable. Everybody else has their head up their ass, you just have a poker up yours. Don’t start anything you can’t finish.”

Downtime updates for January 28, 2018 prep

Morakin the Screamer defeats Zeratul in the Blood Bowl newcomer tournament final after Zeratul’s surprising upset of Bloodhoof in the semifinal. Apparently, the coaching session

Olaf’s kitchens feed a growing audience.

Tensions remain high in Sweethall despite the reported defeat of the Red Sashes.

The behemoth Dolphin is expected to pass near Drakkenhall imminently according to Celestial Institute analysts.

Sky Captain Yasmeen and her renowned airship Queen of Lightning recently docked at the Celestial Court. Rumors abound as to the purpose of her visit.

Northern garrisons complain of increased Orc warband raids.

Ordo Aurum believes a purification ritual can purge your Halberd of negative influences.

Group is at level four with zero partial advances.

Mokarin the Screamer wins Blood Bowl newcomer tournament
Fresh blood for the Blood Bowl

The annual newcomer tournament once again proved entertaining. After a wild melee with hundreds of entrants, the field narrowed to 32.

Mokarin the Screamer, an Orc fighter freshly arrived from the northern wilds, defeated local elf monk Zeratul in the newcomer final.

The Minotaur fighter Bloodhoof won the consolation match against local Goblin monk, Qaaf.

Fighters again ruled the competition, with top finishers Mokarin and Bloodhoof reportedly accepting offers to join Blood Bowl teams. Qaaf returned to her Golden Frog dojo.

Olaf's Journal, part tweleve
End of the Red Sashes

Olaf got back as fast as could, found his teammates immediately, and shouted out “Gerome Ono has been imprisoned!”. The lack of reaction made Olaf think he had stuttered or missed some words so he repeated himself. The continued blank stares after repeating the name a few times horrified Olaf. None of them knew who Gerome Ono was. Olaf launched into a 20 minutes monolog on how Gerome Ono was one of the greatest chef of all time. Everyone listened patiently. Olaf ended with a desperate plea that he had been imprisoned and the team needed to save him. Oswald calmly questioned how they were supposed to do that. Yes good point. Olaf realized he did not have even a shred of a plan. Most importantly he very few facts on the situation.

Often imprisonment in Drakkenhall was solved by the right amount of bribing to the right people. Usually the amount of the bribe depended on the size of the offense. So first Olaf went to talk to Gerome. Gerome didn’t remember Olaf from his visits to the food stall, but was willingly to talk to anyone who might help him. Unfortunately, Gerome didn’t know what the offense was or who ordered his imprisonment. Next Olaf interviewed Gerome’s two sons. They didn’t know anything either. Everyone loved Gerome. Well who wouldn’t after tasting his food. No one could think of anyone who wanted anything bad to happen to Gerome.

When Olaf got back home the team was waiting for him. Oswald had orders to take out the last Red Sash base. Olaf suggested they could talk to them, but Oswald insisted that he had orders that he needed to follow. They went to the base, banged on the door, and demanded the Red Sash surrender. It didn’t go well. Instead of surrendering, the Red Sashes started taking Mirakuru. Not only did that make them tougher, it also often killed them when it wore off. Most of the Red Sashes died, but they managed to save the leader Basho Bas. Instead of taking back to prison, they turned him into Lyssa Gagarin the current leader of the Crows.

Golthrosh goes down
Land of Lakes Wine and Cheese Team moves up a tier

Responding to multiple raids on Bleeding Pig Wine deliveries, our heroes tracked down the raiders to a cave complex.

They crushed the outer guards, some kobold ledgedivers. Huel took the opportunity to renegotiate his contract with the company.

The pressed deeper into the cave complex, defeated some dragonborn guards, and then confronted Golthrosh in her lair.

After a hard fight, tipped in the group’s favor by acid resistance potions (lots of icon rolls for retcon), Golthrosh and her dragonborn minions went down.

The group advances to level five and the championship tier!

The group collects some dragon components (scales, teeth, hide). No group member has particular skill in this area.

Each character receives one championship tier item.

Please describe what you do with your fabulous stash of newfound loot.

The Fall of the Red Sashes
July 23, 2017

Olaf bribes his way into an Ironhook Prison interview with Jiro Ono. Olaf agrees to help Jiro free himself and also to look after his family.

The team meets with Mylera Klev. Zeratul agrees to infiltrate the arena as a new gladiator.

Corporal Assat tasks Bastable with taking out the Red Sashes.

Zeratul takes Baszo Baz to the Crows. Then he returns to the scene of the fight and observes someone stealth into the building. He follows them to a safe house.

The team heads back to the Python House. Bastable gives Corporal Assat a disappointing report in the morning. Returning to the scene of the crime, the house has been stripped of potions and most evidence.

The team meets with Shades and agrees to investigate Yuri Gagarin’s death.

Olaf interviews Jiro’s sons at the Goblin Market. It appears Jiro is a pawn in a battle between crime lords.

Bastable’s investigation of the safe house tracks ownership back to the Shuul.

Latest News July 23, 2017
July 23 Session Prep

The Red and the Black – Gang War update
The Red Sashes led an unsuccessful assault during the carnival and lost a good chunk of their crew. Bloody fighting with the Lampblacks and Lampblack “sympathizers” continues.

The Lampblacks efforts to undermine the Red Sashes revenue stream have cut off their flow of cash.

The Crows lack of response during this gang war is costing them street cred.

The local Bluecoats have successfully “restored order” to parts of Sweet Hall, taking control of Red Sash assets.

Carnival included a bloody brawl at the plaza. Few civilians were hurt.

July 23 Session Prep

Characters are Level Three (3) with three (3) Partial Advances.

Wealth and Projects
July 23 Session Prep - Long term projects, items, housekeeping

Wealth 1 – poor
2 COIN (may spend up to 1 COIN on each project to advance 1 tick
Asset – Tier 1 Expert – Bungo the Chef
Long Term Projects
Upgrade kitchen crew quality – 1/8
Find dream expert to interpret Olaf’s dream – 1/8 → 2/8 – 1 COIN
+1 Two-Handed War hammer
+1 Holy Symbol of Gathered Power
+1 Heavy Armor of Splendor
End with 1 COIN

Wealth 1 – poor
Asset – TBD
Long Term Projects
Create informant network – 1/8
Vigilante patrol – major result
COIN 2 (may spend up to 1 COIN on each project to advance 1 tick)
Cloak of Flight
Manual of Enlightened Flesh
Hungry Weapon (monk bracers)

Wealth 2 – comfortable
Asset – deed to Keep
Lifestyle – Kasam acts at +1 wealth level, but has a hard time accumulating coin; gambling successes can be spent on projects. Gambling losses accumulate to raise wealth level. Kasam enjoys spending money.
COIN 2 – both gambled away → COIN 0
Long Term Projects – Government Expediter – 1/8

Tunic of Stoneflesh +1 AC +1PD
Wand of Infighting, +1 Attack +1 Damage, Additional +1 Attack +1 Damage for close quarters.
Kasam had this wand broken and sew into the glove (over the proximal bones) he wears on his right hand. The wand causes his spells to change when in close combat and he casts the spells through his fist. Magical Boxing? Sure….its a thing
Tribulations: Eyes of the Three – Lucky Dice

Wealth 1 – poor
2 COIN (may spend up to 1 COIN on each project to advance 1 tick)
Asset – TBD
Projects TBD?

Riffraff McGrath
Wealth 1 – poor
Asset – TBD (let’s talk about a brewery for the Wrath of McGrath)
Projects – TBD
+1 Mace of Greater Strike
+1 armor of Stone Flesh
Helm of Psychic Armor

Olaf's Journal, part eleven
Found out

Bungo had done a good job keeping the soup kitchen open while Olaf was away. His cooking was also improving steadily with Olaf’s tutoring. It seemed Bungo looked up to Olaf. That was a new feeling Olaf. No one had ever looked up to him before. He was gaining more confidence and more prominence in the local Great Gold Wyrm order. They called him for what Olaf thought was a debriefing immediately upon his return Drakenhall.

Olaf was a little nervous once in the Order’s Drakenhall headquarters. After all, the tower they were supposed to have secured did get annihilated. Still, it wasn’t Great Gold Wyrm property so he shouldn’t be in too much trouble. Olaf kept telling himself that until he found himself seated in front the High Priest Majordomo himself. Then the panic set in and Olaf started to sweat. He started with trying to find the appropriate greeting for someone of Majordomo’s position, but nothing but stuttering came out.

“Olaf, let me start by saying it has come to our attention that you haven’t been honest about who you are.”

Olaf went white as a ghost. The sweat now felt like ice cubes coming off him. Had someone dropped the temperature 20 degrees?

“I must say, we of the Drakenhall Order are NOT convinced of your ordained position.”

His heart stopped. Execution within the order wasn’t a thing right? The worse penalty was life imprisonment, he thought. It was hard to think straight.

“Given your … circumstances, we’ve decided to give you a real mission. A gladiator named Turack Mar disappeared some time ago. We have reason to believe he is aboard the prison vessel called The Krakken. We can assure you that has committed no crime to be put aboard a prison vessel. We need you to break him out.”

Olaf’s mind spun in circles. If he didn’t do the mission, he’d suffer consequences but couldn’t get his head around what those were. On the other hand, if he did the mission, he’d be arrested for doing such an evil act. Wait, if Tarrack was innocent, then was it evil? God this was like one of those ethic’s quizzes back at school. Olaf was good at quizzes though. He just needed some time to figure this one out. As his head spun back to reality, Olaf realized Majordomo had left some time ago.

Back at the Python House he met up with the rest of the team. Oswald had some police work for them and Olaf needed to put his attention on something else anyway. The Festival of the Dead was that night and the group needed to defend a magical gem. Sure enough, Oswald’s intel was right and a group of Red Sashes drugged up on Mirakuru attacked trying to get the gem. Fortunately, the team were able to stop them. Afterwards, Kassam invited them all to an after festival party. Free food! Just what Olaf needed after working up an appetite on guard duty all day.

A day of guard duty and a night of partying gave Olaf some time to think about his new mission. First, for a prison break, they were going to need a thief. Oswald knew a local brewer named Riff Raff. Olaf was excited to be working with a brewer, until he tasted the Riff Raff McGraft’s Draft. It was the worst thing Olaf had ever tasted. Well, at least it was clear that Riff Raff wasn’t getting his money from beer sales.

Next the team needed the right equipment. They purchased some water breathing potions to help get on and off the ship while it was out at sea. Olaf researched the Golem defenses of the ship. He convinced the group to visit the creator’s old workshop where the Golems were made. At the workshop, they found enough of the design so Olaf could make a spell to take control over one of the Golems. The last thing the team needed was high quality masks so they wouldn’t get recognized.

The team waited under the dock until the Kraken left Drakenhall. With water breathing and a grapple line attached to the bottom of the boat, the team was pulled out with the Kraken. Once they were out to sea, the rest of the team quietly climbed aboard the ship. The four of them, with the help of several pulley ropes, were able to haul Olaf aboard as well. Olaf used the control Golem spell to distract the guards while Riff Raff slipped below deck to free Turack. Once Turack was freed, the team fled the boat back into the water. It was a long swim, but Kassam had secured a fishing boat to meet up with and take them back to Drakenhall.

Interrogating Turack, he did seem innocent of committing any crime. Olaf wasn’t 100% he was on the morally righteous path here, but with no guards being seriously hurt and managing to free an innocent prisoner seemed like one of the best possible outcomes to his mission. Even with this success, Olaf was not overjoyed. This was only the beginning of his pre-ordain path. He wasn’t sure he was ready for what came next.


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