Drakkenhall Blues

News and Rumors

For March 19, 2017 session

• Melisan the Scourge, the Imperial Ambassador, will hold her annual costume ball in 3 weeks.
• Adventuring – An adventuring team raided the Isle of the Dead and escaped with a phylactery.
• Adventuring – Jont Umer disappeared into the under city with a magic map. Reward for the map or information on his whereabouts.
• Necropolis – A merchant is selling “special” wine to the Necropolis. Apparently, this new wine is well received.
• Ruins – Rumors of some heavy fighting as a new player is taking over some turf. The unusual thing is the crews seem to be impervious to pain and unusually violent.
• Wilderness – Orc heavy reconnaissance in the north suggests a pending raid.
• Highrock Nobility – The Lobanov and Naryshkin houses staged a lavish wedding, the event of the season.
• Warehouses on Frog Swamp isle burned to the ground. Foul play is suspected, but who did it is unclear. Construction workers needed for rebuilding the facility.
• Glinting Legion – 2nd legion rotating north imminently.
• The Ministry of Natural Affairs – word is that things are going pear shaped with the routine weather control spells. The Ministry denies these baseless allegations.

Rubble City (other than Sweethall)
• Ordo Aurum commander Riclon is discreetly paying for information on interesting dig sites in the Ruins.
• Shivvel trade is growing explosively.
Blue Celestial Institute
• Professor Mal Keshar returns to a full-time instruction.
• Falling Leaf Dojo will host their annual tournament.
• Roric Gagarin died recently. He was an influential local businessman.
• Roric Gagarin’s untimely death was no accident. His daughter, Lyssa, killed him.
• Lyssa Gagarin is a victim, in way over her head.
• Tensions between the Red Sashes and the Lampblacks have erupted into a gang war.
o The Red Sashes and Lampblacks fight is getting bloodier.
o The Crows control of the district is loosening, and heat is rising.
o The Bluecoats have struggled to keep order.



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