Drakkenhall Blues

Olaf's Journal, part ten

Rewards from the Great Gold Wyrm

They had cleared the base of the weather tower from Kobolds and Olaf dreaded what came next. Every tower had stairs and this team seems to want to climb every stair in existence. Olaf suggested that everything important was surely on the ground floor, but no one listened to him again. Up they went. They climbed numerous stairs to reach a second floor. There was nothing there but a garbage pile and more stairs. Olaf suggested they slowly pick through the smelly garbage for a few hours so he could catch his breath. There would probably be some vicious rats in the garbage they could fight or something. But no, the team wanted to climb more stairs. Then Olaf had a better idea. Why not send Zeratul up the stairs by himself. That way if there was nothing up there, maybe they did not need to do so much climbing. Zeratul was eager, so up he went. Zeratul took out a couple of Kobolds and signaled the group to come up. Looks like there was no way Olaf was getting out of it.

Finally, they had found what they were looking for. The 3rd floor had a delicious, juicy pig roasting on a spit and a keg a beer. Olaf pulled up a chair and started pulling out plates, cups, and utensils from his pack. Oswald tapped him on the shoulder and then pointed to another staircase up. He had to be joking. Was he completely oblivious to the fact it was time for second lunch? This group was insane. With an entire feast in front of them, this group wanted to climb more stairs?!? Olaf couldn’t get his head around what motivated these people but there was no talking sense into them.

Even before they reached the top of the tower, Olaf skin began to crawl. He could feel the dark energies surging. The roof of the tower had a table with a gnome chained to it, an Ogre Mage, and the dark ritual he was casting. Olaf recognized the ritual as a Diabolist portal opening to the Abyss. The horde of demons that were about to spew forth would destroy them and everything around them. There was only one power that could stop such a ritual. Father had always told Olaf to accept who he was and his path in life and he would be rewarded. It was time to stop pretending to be a Cleric and become the person he knew he was. The rest of the team had engaged in fighting with the Ogre Mage, so Olaf calmed his thoughts and focused his energies. Then is a low but confident voice, he uttered the words.
“I Olaf your Champion, summon you oh Great Gold Wyrm!”

And nothing happened. Olaf looked left and right and there was no sign of the Great Gold Wyrm coming to his summons. Why not? Olaf’s mind drifted back to his classes. There was one about accepting your role, and about talking to the Great Gold Wyrm. There was something he vaguely recalled about something, something, something, speaking with humility, something. Olaf wished he had paid more attention back then. His mind snapped back to the more immediate issue that they were all about to die. He pushed the table and gnome out of the ritual circle. The bound gnome seemed to like this plan be even as he was doing it Olaf realized it was pointless. The sacrifice was just to appease the demons so they wouldn’t devour the Ogre Mage. It had nothing to do with ritual itself. There was only one power that could stop the ritual. It was all up to Olaf whether he was ready or not. Olaf focused his energies once again and uttered the words.

There was still no response, but Olaf felt something small happen. Then he saw it. A little spark of white light popped from the edge of the ritual circle. Then there was another and another. Olaf joined into the battle to defeat the Ogre Mage and then evacuated the roof of the tower including the gnome. The entire roof was engulfed in white sparks, like thousands little firecrackers going off. Olaf could feel that they were absorbing all the dark energy from the ritual.

The team regrouped and the gnome introduced himself as Zeno. He was a Chaos Mage and OWNED A BAR IN DRAKKENHALL!!!!! Oh, Olaf’s Father was right. There are great reward for accepting one’s path. Praise the Great Gold Wyrm.
The white sparks absorbed the dark ritual, but they also absorbed something else. On the 1st floor, there had been a concealment spell cover an underground complex. The complex was an ancient Lich King temple. The team clear out all the Lich King’s presence, but the temple destroyed itself and the tower with it.



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