Drakkenhall Blues

Olaf's Journal, part nine

Save Olaf’s Soup Kitchen

Oswald was back but acting a little strange. Olaf was half expecting Oswald to come back with orders that they need to walk some ridiculous distance to the middle of nowhere for some stupid bureaucratic errand. Instead, Oswald did not have anything for the team to do. Olaf was happy to continue work on his soup kitchen. The place was gaining some reputation in the area and they had a steady crowd through-out the afternoon. The sad side though was the team was talking as if they were going to lose the Python House. That would mean an end to the soup kitchen.

Kassam had a plan. He said they could keep the Python House if the team ran an errand for the magistrate, Gilina Myer. All they had to do was bring Tarius Rolle, a political activist, to meet with Gilina Myer. They would of course have to find Tarius who didn’t have a known address. The team went to the section of town that Tarius made speeches in and Oswald, Kassam, and Zeratul went to talk to their street contacts. Olaf didn’t have any street contacts but wanted to help find Tarius. He took out a picture they had been given of Tarius. Given Tarius’ stature, it was clear he liked to eat. If someone wanted good portions, decent quality, at reasonable prices in this section of town, there was only one place to go to – Stuff Your Fangs. Olaf headed there immediately to find Tarius, and because it was 2nd lunchtime. Now Tarius wasn’t there but certainly had been there often. Lots of people there knew Tarius and knew he would be in the Fish Market Square later that afternoon for a speech. Olaf headed back to tell the rest of the team, after 2nd lunch of course. Ya know, this police detective stuff wasn’t that hard after all.

The team was waiting in the Fish Market Square for Tarius’ arrival except for Zeratul who was nowhere to be seen. When Tarius did arrive, two thugs jumped out and grabbed him. Other thugs jumped out attacked the crowd throwing Giant Spiders at bystanders. Olaf recognized the spiders as a bread indigenous to Bitterwood. Bitterwood Leapers was their name if recalled correctly and he recalled them being extremely dangerous. Olaf and Kassam started taking down the thugs to clear a path to Tarius. Then it happened. Olaf saw something he’d never seen before. Oswald pulled out a sword and hit one of the thugs. Oswald wasn’t standing behind them giving orders or wildly swinging his sword in the air, but he was actually using his sword to fight. This seemed highly suspicious to Olaf. Perhaps he wasn’t really Oswald. Maybe he was a demon who could disguise himself as a human for an extended duration. No, such demons probably didn’t exist.

Olaf suddenly had bigger problems than whether Oswald was a demon impostor. One of the Bitterwood Leapers bit a young redheaded girl. Memories of Olaf’s ‘Venoms, Poisons, and Other Lethal Substances’ class flashed to his mind. Bitterwood Leapers venom was normally lethal in 72 seconds. There was a boring part of the lecture on all the possible intermediate effects before death that Olaf was trying to fast forward through in his head. He remembered the teacher saying in the end the best possible cure consisted of sucking out the venom from the entry point and then applying a full dose of anti-venom. Olaf bashed one of the thugs out of the way and then went to work to save the redheaded girl. He was well within the 72 seconds and was confident it was working. Even after the 72 seconds, her vitals were still strong. The rest of the team seem to have run off without him. Perhaps they went to their favorite bar. It seemed like a good place to check.

Olaf had enough time for dinner, but sure enough, the rest of the team did show up. They had tracked Tarius’ kidnappers to a sewer entrance. Ugh, more sewers. And of course, there were more nasty creatures in the sewers. Not only were there Dire Rats, but there was a monstrous Gelatinous Tetrahedron. The rest of the team fled leaving Olaf to deal with monster. It took about 20 javelins, but Olaf was able to kill it.

Within the sewers, they found a chamber where the kidnappers were keeping Tarius. The team attacked the kidnappers and were doing pretty well until Oswald changed sides and started attacking the his own team. Olaf suspected Oswald might be a demon imposter again, until he noticed Oswald still couldn’t hit anything with his sword. Only Oswald could swing his sword in the air so much without hurting anything. Before the fight ended, Tarius ran away. Zeratul ran him down and brought him back. It turns out Tarius had been a HoneyDew Demon impostor the whole time. Hey, they do exist.

The deal to keep the Python house was for Gilina to meet with Tarius. So, demon or not, the team setup the meeting with Gilina at the Python house. Once Gilina was convinced the demon was Tarius, we all agreed to destroy the demon. Gilina believed the whole kidnapping was faked just to promote Tarius’ position. Regardless, the job was completed and the deal upheld.

The next day Oswald had new orders for the team. They needed to walk some ridiculous distance to the middle of nowhere for a bureaucratic errand. Olaf was glad to see Oswald was back to normal.



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