Drakkenhall Blues

Session briefing, March 19th, 2017

Last Session
The group successfully accomplished Galina Myre’s request to deal with Tarius Rolle. Uncovering that Tarius was a demon and bringing him to Ordo Aurum was a win.

The group is now investigating a tower outside of town, which has fallen into disrepair, again at Galina’s request. The group encountered an Ogre Mage. After a fight, the ogre mage teleported away as it reached 0 health.

1. Last night, you had an unusually vivid dream about being buried alive. Somehow you feel you are listening in to another’s dream.
2. [Back at town] Soup Kitchen (when back in town). Bungo Chubb, a halfling cook, will cook for the soup kitchen for a place to stay.

1. The Red Sashes conflagration with the Lamplighters is getting worse. Red Sashes are out in force and have taken to roughing up establishments thought to be sympathetic to the Lamplighters.

1. Paperwork for your holding at the Pythoness House now is moving through bureaucratic channels normally, thanks to Galina Myre’s sponsorship.
2. [Back at town]. You have an invitation to a party at the town manor of Baroness Zinaida Volonskaya, a minor Hightower family. You’re not sure why.

1. Falling Leaf dojo will have their annual tournament next week. You are invited to participate in the novice division.
2. You think you are being followed in town. You haven’t noticed anyone in particular; maybe it’s just paranoia.

Xeno Strange
1. You wake up on an altar inside a magic circle. You are chained to table and can’t invoke spells. Have a nice day.
2. Pick two magic items to recover after you are freed. Adventurer tier.
3. Homework. Create three contacts you have in town. Figure out where you live.



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