Drakkenhall Blues

Zeratul journal, entry one

Session 2017-01-29

Well, the day was young. My morning began as it usually did. I was up at 6:00 am to begin my training routine and stretching. I noticed my comrades seemed to lack the same drive to awaken early that I did. After making a breakfast for myself I saw the Sorcerer and the Cop walk down rather slowly. The oaf, I mean Olaf stumbled out still thoroughly tired after 10 hours of sleep. Their souls seemed ready for the day. Bastable informed us of the plan to visit this Politician. Upon our arrival in the square, I took to a position in the rooftops. I saw all the souls of the people in the square. Upon his arrival at the square the day exploded into action. I leapt into action and was delayed by a damned mage and her thugs.

Balanar(name of demon within Zeratul) was awakened when I returned to consciousness. “Hunt the weak, If you get knocked out like a fool again you won’t sleep tonight” I was off. These damned orcs wouldn’t best me. I ran the rooftops like they were a simple wooded path. I saw Bastable sprinting after him on foot. After a while of chasing the bastard down, I saw Bastable had been delayed by some group of Orcs. I snuck past them on the rooftops and continued towards my quarry. I found his ultimate hiding place in a sewer. The perfect place for scum to die. We met up after a bit of clean up from the rest of the group and moved into the sewers. We arrived in chamber occupied by dirty rats. Then the slime showed up. It was more repulsive than Olaf’s eating habits. The damned slime grabbed me and brought me into its clutches, but I was skilled enough to escape. Upon us running from the slime Olaf and I managed to subdue using magic and shurikens. We then arrived at the room where that damned Politician was. We rushed inside, and saw him there tied to a chair. The guards holding him there moved to fight us and we engaged but that damned Politician ran away. Knowing my comrades could handle themselves I heard Balanar speak to me “Chase him, His sun is about set” In a fury at this slimeball I ran after him furious at his false capture. I chased the bastard down in less than 20 seconds and destroyed him in combat. The fool may be able to speak, but he fights like a rabbit facing a bear. We returned to our home and called Kassam’s friend. She spoke briefly to Bastable before I was told to kill the Honey Devil. Damned disgusting cowards. We then rested for the rest of the day. The next day Bastable was given an assignment to investigate this tower out of town. I thought it could be interesting and we headed off. Upon entering the tower, we saw some kobolds spread around the area. I leaped into battle ready to destroy them “These small ones might provide some entertainment” . I was ready to smite them with my furious fists. My strikes seemed to do some damage before out of the shadows more kobolds appeared. They had an ability to disappear from our sight which could be inconvenient. Though the one I was most worried about was the lead kobold. He and his claws seemed very deadly. After some minor difficulties with them Bastable came down with a mighty stroke turning the kobold into a bloody mist of flesh and bone. “I like that one, He’s useful”.



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