Bob Johnson the Lavender

Human wizard and special wine merchant


Bob Johnson is a 40-something wizard who came to realize his calling as a wizard a bit later in life. He grew up intending to be a pig farmer, just like his father, and his father’s father, and his father’s father father, but in learning the family business, which was located in Lancecomestishire, near the Transvelsite Forest, he became intrigued by the presence of a kindly old monk, who helped him come to realize that his family’s roots of wizardry go back centuries. Only the most recent generations had denied these roots to “fit in.” The old monk, Flavius Ensius, helped Bob, through the use of The Links, the cosmic particles that connect everything in the Universe, to realize his destiny as a wizard. Flavius helped Bob connect, through The Links, with the powerful tools of his trade, a wand, that he calls Bubba, and his staff, which he calls, Tree, that has a large knob on it, that serves as a driver for when Bob wants to hit a few large walnuts while working on his golf game.

Bob the Lavender (because Grey is used by everyone) wears a lavender cloak. He is very perceptive with animals, which is why he continues to run the family pig farm, and quite successfully. He’s become known as quite the expert on pig genetics and writes extensively to earn extra cash.

Bob the Lavender earned his bones in a fight with a young vampire. Having defeated, but not destroyed him, Bob was able to convert this vampire to drinking pig blood. They are now co-owners of a growing side business that sells purified pig blood (and other animal bloods) to vampires that wish to convert from feeding on humans. Bob defeated the vampire through a combination of powerful spells and through his powerfully perceptive abilities to use harness The Links.

Bob is neutral because while some may see enemies in front of them, Bob is always looking at those potential enemies as possible new business partners. He doesn’t see enemies as purely evil, and because he has the “Gift of the Gab,” he tries to talk to his foes a bit. But if he senses real danger, he calls on Bubba and his knowledge of spells to clear away the barriers.

Bob the Lavender enjoys new adventures because it allows him the opportunity to gather new ideas for his business and to keep perfecting his business model of only working on his business an hour a day.


Bob Johnson the Lavender

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