Elsa Whiterose

Runs the MIssion of Lost Hope in Eldolan Commons


Elsa Whiterose is a cleric of the Gods of Light in service to the Priestess. She runs the Mission of Lost Hope, a small organization that helps feed the poor and gives them basic shelter at night off the streets. The mission is in the Commons, near Griffin square, a small courtyard near the cliffs that separate the Commons from the Grounds above and close to the Temple district.

Elsa receives a small stipend from the Priestess’ organization, as well as small donations from the town’s merchant class, to help keep the doors open. She has two assistants, Goram (half-orc man) and Ilsa (human female teen), who help her run the mission in exchange for small private rooms and steady meals.


Elsa has lived in Eldolan for many years. She doesn’t talk about her past.

Elsa Whiterose

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