Van Riesling

Human oenophile fighter


Born in a small town (Down Spout), raised as an only child. We were modest family with a pet ferret. My mother tended the home and on side sowed patches. My father was a Gutter Maker, his company name – Ye Ol’ Van Gutter Etc. Father always wanted me to carry on the business, but I had bigger dreams of adventure, riches, drinking, debauchery, monster slaying, and more!

After time, I began to run with the wrong crowd. Between the time spent raising havoc and shenanigans, I became associated with one particular unsavory character (Pinot the Pocketeer) who had a knack for stealing fine white wines. Upon tasting the spoils of his thefts, I began to acquire a certain taste of white wines, particularly ones of Germanic vintage. I would often spend my down time researching the origins and process of their makings. Upon this enlightenment, I made know to myself, I shall never be a Van Gutter maker. My name from henceforth shall be…

“Van Reisling…The Crisp One!”


Van Riesling

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