Drakkenhall Blues

Golthrosh goes down

Land of Lakes Wine and Cheese Team moves up a tier

Responding to multiple raids on Bleeding Pig Wine deliveries, our heroes tracked down the raiders to a cave complex.

They crushed the outer guards, some kobold ledgedivers. Huel took the opportunity to renegotiate his contract with the company.

They pressed deeper into the cave complex, defeated some dragonborn guards, and then confronted Golthrosh in her lair.

After a hard fight, tipped in the group’s favor by acid resistance potions (lots of icon rolls for retcon), Golthrosh and her dragonborn minions went down.

The group advances to level five and the championship tier!

The group collects some dragon components (scales, teeth, hide). No group member has particular skill in this area.

Each character receives one championship tier item.

Please describe what you do with your fabulous stash of newfound loot.



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