Drakkenhall Blues

Olaf's Journal, part twelve

End of the Red Sashes

Olaf got back as fast as could, found his teammates immediately, and shouted out “Gerome Ono has been imprisoned!”. The lack of reaction made Olaf think he had stuttered or missed some words so he repeated himself. The continued blank stares after repeating the name a few times horrified Olaf. None of them knew who Gerome Ono was. Olaf launched into a 20 minutes monolog on how Gerome Ono was one of the greatest chef of all time. Everyone listened patiently. Olaf ended with a desperate plea that he had been imprisoned and the team needed to save him. Oswald calmly questioned how they were supposed to do that. Yes good point. Olaf realized he did not have even a shred of a plan. Most importantly he very few facts on the situation.

Often imprisonment in Drakkenhall was solved by the right amount of bribing to the right people. Usually the amount of the bribe depended on the size of the offense. So first Olaf went to talk to Gerome. Gerome didn’t remember Olaf from his visits to the food stall, but was willingly to talk to anyone who might help him. Unfortunately, Gerome didn’t know what the offense was or who ordered his imprisonment. Next Olaf interviewed Gerome’s two sons. They didn’t know anything either. Everyone loved Gerome. Well who wouldn’t after tasting his food. No one could think of anyone who wanted anything bad to happen to Gerome.

When Olaf got back home the team was waiting for him. Oswald had orders to take out the last Red Sash base. Olaf suggested they could talk to them, but Oswald insisted that he had orders that he needed to follow. They went to the base, banged on the door, and demanded the Red Sash surrender. It didn’t go well. Instead of surrendering, the Red Sashes started taking Mirakuru. Not only did that make them tougher, it also often killed them when it wore off. Most of the Red Sashes died, but they managed to save the leader Basho Bas. Instead of taking back to prison, they turned him into Lyssa Gagarin the current leader of the Crows.



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