Drakkenhall Blues

The Fall of the Red Sashes

July 23, 2017

Olaf bribes his way into an Ironhook Prison interview with Jiro Ono. Olaf agrees to help Jiro free himself and also to look after his family.

The team meets with Mylera Klev. Zeratul agrees to infiltrate the arena as a new gladiator.

Corporal Assat tasks Bastable with taking out the Red Sashes.

Zeratul takes Baszo Baz to the Crows. Then he returns to the scene of the fight and observes someone stealth into the building. He follows them to a safe house.

The team heads back to the Python House. Bastable gives Corporal Assat a disappointing report in the morning. Returning to the scene of the crime, the house has been stripped of potions and most evidence.

The team meets with Shades and agrees to investigate Yuri Gagarin’s death.

Olaf interviews Jiro’s sons at the Goblin Market. It appears Jiro is a pawn in a battle between crime lords.

Bastable’s investigation of the safe house tracks ownership back to the Shuul.



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