Sweethall: The monstrous denizens of “Blue City,” as they name Drakkenhall, call members of the common mortal races “sweets.” (As in, “Methinks you’ve stepped into the wrong tavern, sweets.”) Hence the name of this cyclopean tenement cleared a decade ago by adventurers and now home to a revolving cast of humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes, and halflings.

Occasionally, an orc or exotic treasure-seeker shows up as part of a multiracial band. Even if you’re staying elsewhere, Sweethall provides a point of first contact with the city’s tight-lipped explorer community.

Starting point of our campaign.

Wealth: 1/4
Security and Safety: 1/4
Criminal Influence: 2/4
Occult Influence: 0/4


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